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Updated: 50% Reward for Help, Over 1 Million BTM Stolen


1.It just happened that 361,960 BTM was transferred from 0xeea869a19101c840c1b7998e5d5974f54d8b25ae to 0xf07232Bc85D995c32C1EDf1C985C84A8B7b0DEd7 (which is supposed to be registered in a British exchange, please help!

I’m offering 1 BTC reward to anyone smart enough to track the villain down, all the clues are as following, please help!

And if it can be traced back, I’ll give him half of it (over 500,000 BTM, worth more than a million CNY or around 200,000 USD). God speed.


2.The night ahead of it on Jan.18, he received reply from Bter saying that the asset in 0x05ee546c1a62f90d7acbffd6d846c9c54c7cf94c had been all transferred after trading it to BTC, suspicious information provided as following:

  • Email:
  • Login IP:
  • Withdrawal IP:
  • Wihtdrawal address: 1CYYFsJmSH4Zxqh71YJGvEfKUWCRMNKcjR



On Jan.18, a veteran blockchain investor named Biquan Zhuge Liang (literally bitcoin strategist) cries for help on Weibo, saying that his millions CNY worth BTM (Bytom) in imToken wallet was stolen.

“Please help! My millions CNY worth BTM in imToken was stolen! It may have been transferred to some exchange for cashing out! Please help me catch the guy! ONE BITCOIN REWARD for whoever find the guy out!

Bitcoin whales and all bitcoiners, please help repost and spread it! Many thanks! My QQ: 3098541313, my wallet address: 0x155964a42cfe72b722d2afb3a89af3273e53185d”


According to the screenshots of transaction record posted in the weibo, the villain first transfers 1,259,581.3 BTM at the block height of 4888134 at 9:19:18, Jan 11, 2018 (Beijing Time) and then 1.6332 ETH at the block height of 4888166 at 9:28:30, Jan 11, 2018 to the address 0x25e828ff4607011d1c28d649d5b4034dcf8b9383.


All these coins were then transferred to the following addresses:

  1. 0xbf0ad4c91386e4654f764195377766111ff67b4e 
  2. 0xeea869a19101c840c1b7998e5d5974f54d8b25ae 
  3. 0x0feaf62b7d71f6bba98c073a89c86a17c7190c0e
  4. 0xb57ce3361bd063c512b0e0798ae27f0e5b740a60
  5. 0x05ee546c1a62f90d7acbffd6d846c9c54c7cf94c (suppose this should be an address at some exchange as there are varied coins in it)

Bitcoiners, bitcoin whales, exchanges! Please help! Find out the villain!
REALLY URGENT! ONE BITCOIN for whoever find out the villain! @ a number of Big Vs (user with 500,000 followers) including 8btc news, BTM, Charles Xue Manzi, Chang Jia, Chandler Guo.

This soon draws attention in the crypto community in China, with 100+ comments and reposted for hundreds times, some heart-warming bitcoiners are glad to be the bitcoin Sherlock Holmes to offer help.

Some questioned: “How can this happen? Private key leak?”

–reply: Private key kept in my mobile phone and computer has been stolen. Totally have no idea how the villain made it!

“It finally went into some exchange where real-name authentication is needed, ease, can find out who did it.”

“Collect all the evidence and report to the police. This address is still active and in transaction.”

Currently, BTM is priced at around 2.16 CNY on, that is,  the stolen BTM is worth more than two and half million CNY.

And the last address has been confirmed to be registered on Bter, but he cannot get in touch with Bter at press time.

Anyway, keep your private key well. Do not e-store it which are vulnerable to theft, instead copy it on a physical paper and keep it well.


  • 8BTCnews
    5 years ago 8BTCnews

    Chinese #Bitcoin Investor Offer 1 BTC Bounty for Over 1 Million #BTM Stolen | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

  • BitcoinAllBot
    5 years ago BitcoinAllBot

    Here is the link to the original comment thread. Or you can comment here to start a discussion. Author: eviade8btc

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    1 btc to find 1 million btc?

    Clearly not that interested in recovering it then.

    Anyone that could recover it will just take it for themselves.

  • TACnition
    5 years ago TACnition

    Just pointing out that it says 1 BTC (Bitcoin) to find 1 million BTM (Bytom), not 1 million Bitcoin.

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    Thanks for pointing out my stupidity 😉

  • TACnition
    5 years ago TACnition

    No worries, was just clarifying

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    You were right to do so as I clearly didn’t make the effort to read. I will go and vote down my own comment!

  • TACnition
    5 years ago TACnition

    Or just edit it and state you make a mistake. No need to go as far as downvoting yourself haha

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    Dammit too late I’ve already done it, now I’ve got to go and downvote my previous comment too.

  • Ricardo Santos
    5 years ago Ricardo Santos

    Chinese Bitcoin Investor Offer 1 BTC Bounty for Over 1 Million BTM Stolen | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

  • pinkwar
    5 years ago pinkwar

    If you were able to read you would know he got stolen 1 million BTM and not BTC.

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    If you could be bothered to read you know that’s been clarified already.

  • Giorgz
    5 years ago Giorgz

    Now he/she got to downvote himself/herself too

  • pikachu1550
    5 years ago pikachu1550

    Whoa whoa thats seppuku level apologising right there

  • Miffers
    5 years ago Miffers

    The only way you can get it back is to steal it back, or find the hacker and start cutting some fingers off.

  • eviade8btc
    5 years ago eviade8btc

    It’s BTM, not BTC… and now the reward is 50% of the stolen amount

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    Did you read the other posts?

  • eviade8btc
    5 years ago eviade8btc

    Haha, sorry maybe I didn’t make the effort to read too

  • rockyrobin1
    5 years ago rockyrobin1

    Nah I should have edited, im just being a dick

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