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Chinese Billionaire Investor Chen Weixing : Don’t Miss Big Blockchain Opportunities Within 6 Months

Amid a heated debate over blockchain, Chen Weixing, a Chinese angel investor and billionaire founder of ride-hailing start-up Kuaidi Dache, said on February 26 that first wave of big opportunities for blockchain have been visible, and there are only 6 months in 2018 for investors to take advantage of these chances.


Since the second day of Chinese New Year, a group of top angel investors and successful entrepreneurs have been busy debating blockchain-related issues in a wechat group, called“3 o’Clock Sleepless Blockchain Group”. Mr. Chen shared his insights into blockchain’s future when answering questions raised by Linekong Interactive Group CEO Wang Feng in the chat group last night.

Everyone stands a chance to fly when there is favorable wind blowing from behind. But has the tailwind for blockchain arrived?Chen said Yes!

“Blockchain brings the ‘spring’ for humankind. Big opportunities what we can see in this sector are becoming much clearer. ”

He further added that many teams are dedicated to developing various infrastructure now such as centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges , underlying public and private blockchain, and digital assets wallets. Such projects are a must for the industry, and latecomers are hard to catch up. In his opinion,these blockchain infrastructure projects represent the first wave of opportunities, and the next wave of significant technological breakthroughs have not arrived.

“The first wave of big opportunities are visible and have attracted enough competitors. There will be a fierce competition among global players within 6 months. Therefore, latecomers have to turn more creative ideas into technological breakthroughs if they want to stand out.”

Chen emphasized the similar opinion in an interview today, saying that there are only 6 months in 2018 for investors to take advantage of these golden opportunities as cryptocurrency trading enjoys an adequate liquidity at present and thousands kinds of virtual currencies have by listed on exchanges which is hardly possible in the future.

In addition, the Chinese billionaire also specified the four factors that push forward the development of blockchain: the number of bitcoin disciples and long-term holders as well as the amount of bitcoins they have; the volatile nature of bitcoin bubble; strong infrastructure ; assets that will be continuously added to blockchain.

Actually, Chen Weixing is a true blockchain ethusiatst. He has invested in dozens of China’s most valuable blockchain projects, including Binance ,Huobi, Qtum and TRON, many of which are indirect investments. Sometimes he does not read white papers before investing because those project founders are his trustworthy friends.

Finally, when asked whether he has a blockchain dream, Chen responded that no one can transform the world by himself in blockchain era. He insisted that if everyone HODL his bitcoin rather than selling out, U.S. dollar hegemony will be challenged.

“Then, we could create a multi-token ecosystem and the decentralized credit mechanism to minimize the transaction costs. The future is very interesting.”


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