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Chinese Angel Investor Plans to Issue ‘Pirate Coin’ within 15 Caribbean Nations

Xue Manzi, a notable Chinese-American angel investor and online social commentator, revealed that he is working with 15 countries in the Caribbean to launch a “Pirate Coin”, announced at the TokenSky Blockchain Conference 2018 in Tokyo.

Xue Manzi, or Charles Xue, has been known in China for his investments in Internet and technology companies. He was also an early active investor in a plurality of crypto projects, investing in over 20 blockchain projects in 2017 alone, including Qtum, Bytom and Ink chain.

Early in 2018, he has focused his ambition on building a distributed Airbnb by purchasing Minshuku properties in Japan and Thailand, where BTC, ETH, RIPPLE, EOS, QTUM, BTM, INK and NEO are accepted.

Recently, Xue has engaged in a new project named CarriNet, a Caribbean digital finance and free trade system.

In his view, many underdeveloped countries are likely to seize the blockchain opportunity to narrow the gap with their peers, among which, countries in the Caribbean region has been experiencing sluggish growth and high inflation for some time. (In this context) They have a very strong demand for a sovereign digital currency.

“The Caribbean region is quite interesting. There are about 35 countries there, and they are sparsely populated with small territory. Tourism is the only industry there, as industries with pollution are not allowed. They have a simple understanding about digital currency, seeing it as a channel to raise funds. Government officials ask me whether I will give them money when we meet.”

Cryptocurrency has been rising in the Caribbean. This April, the region was reported to introduce crypto payments into the travel industry in partnership with a local company.


Regarding various governments’ regulations, Xue said, underdeveloped countries are in more urgent need and more likely to give it a shot, while developed countries are more cautions on it.

Malta, African and Caribbean countries are indeed rising as pro-bitcoin governments with amicable policies to attract crypto exchanges and projects amid massive regulations.

In this context, more and more crypto practitioners are seeking to have a better play in these pro-bitcoin countries. Last month, Binance announced to launch its first fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda where only 11% of the population there has bank accounts. In these lands, opportunity coexists with challenges…


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