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China’s Second Largest Search Engine Unveils Blockchain Photo Platform Following Baidu

360 Search, Qihoo 360’s search engine arm, has launched a blockchain-based platform for protecting image intellectual property in China, a country notorious for not respecting copyrights.


The platform, called Tuke, went online Monday and utilizes blockchain technology to timestamp submission of each original photograph.Image’s original creator can use Tuke to track, validate and resolve all infringement claims for any picture on this ledger. Meanwhile, Tuke will help photographers expand the channels of distributing their original works and increase more brand exposure by using other Qihoo 360’s internet services, including 360 Search, 360 Browser and 360 Total Security.

Tuke is built on 360’s own blockchain to protect original photos’ copyright and prevent unauthorized photos from spreading. The platform has three core features—–blockchain-based copyright certification, brand-related revenues, and copyright protection across the web.

As for the copyright certification, Tuke allows a free registration for original photos and enables them to be tracked across the web . Each original picture will generate a tamper-proof “DAN”  through blockchain, digital signature and trusted time stamp on the platform.

For monitoring copyright, Tuke will rely on 360 Search and digital watermarking technology to monitor copyright infringement online, and provide a targeted solution to ensure photographers’ rights and interests protected.

This is not the first time that a technology giant has looked to blockchain to helps its users protect and manage their intellectual rights and images. Chinese search giant Baidu has unveiled a similar blockchain-based service in April which is dubbed as “Totem”. On July 18, Baidu launched Totem rewards to incentivize users to and institutions to submit original photographs. Compared with Baidu’s Totem, Tuke has few competitive advantages.  Statics show that 360 Search is the second largest search engine in China after Baidu.


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