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China’s Recruitment Platform 51Job Hit By Data Breach, 1.9 Million Pieces of Users’ Data Sold For 12 Bitcoins On Dark Web

It’s no secret that personal data stolen by hackers ends up on the dark web. More than 1.9 million pieces of personal data on 51job, Inc. (Nasdaq: JOBS), one of the largest online recruitment platform in China,was found on June 14 for sale on the dark web which only accepted bitcoin as a payment, according to The Paper.

A screenshot of the dark web obtained by the news outlet showed that hackers had gained access to the platform users’ real names, email addresses, passwords, ID numbers, among other information.


According to the anonymous person who sold the stolen data, 1.95 million pieces of data were available for sale, and the data package would cost 12 bitcoins in total. As bitcoin is traded around $6,683 at press time, the leaked information could be purchased for more than $80,000.

51 Job confirmed the leak, but claimed that the company’s database had not been hacked but rather the hackers used the stolen data from other sources to carry out enumeration attacks.

“In this case, it’s very likely that some hackers reused the previously leaked data, that is , trying to login to the website with those email addresses and passwords. ” A 51Job staff told the reporter. The job site had reportedly beefed up its cybersecurity to prevent potential data leaks, and those affected accounts this time had been idle for many years which did not reset their passwords.

Selling stolen data for bitcoin on the dark web marketplace happens more frequently in recent weeks.

Last week, Chinese video streaming platform AcFun also fell prey to hackers, and those hacked data —- usernames, encrypted passwords and phone numbers belonging to Acfun users were up for sale on the dark web. As the price posted, 0.2 bitcoin could exchange for 8,000,000 pieces of personal information.

In addition, the user data of the bicycle sharing startup Mobike and China’s official train ticket booking website 12306 is also sold on the darknet market . It was reported that 30 million pieces of 12306 data from 2016 to March, 2018 would be sold for 10 bitcoins. But soon China Railway denied the data leak. Everyone should keep an eye on your sensitive accounts.


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