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China’s Nationwide Blockchain Service Network is Coming Soon With Hundreds of City Nodes

Blockchain service network (BSN), an industry alliance initiated by the State Information Center (SIC) – a Chinese government policy-making think tank will be put into commercial operation in April, 2020. The internal test period of the network is from October 2019 to March 2020, in which is free for 400 entrepreneurs and 600 developers. Hangzhou will be the first pilot city.

BSN is a nationwide blockchain service infrastructure platform featuring cross-public network, cross-region and cross-institution in China, which is independently developed and successfully put into practice by the world’s biggest card issuer China UnionPay and leading telecommunications operator China Mobile.

“Blockchain has two types: public blockchain and consortium blockchain. Why do we worry about “chain” now? The main reason is that the public chain cannot be monitored, which is completely decentralized. While BSN is a licensed consortium blockchain.”

Said Tang Sisi, deputy director of smart city department of SIC. The blockchain service network (BSN) has officially commenced internal testing since October 2019, and will be put into commercial operation only half a year later. During the internal test, the related research and deployment work has been continuously carried out.

According to its white paper, BSN is a global infrastructure network based on the blockchain and consensus mechanism. It is a trusted, controllable and scalable consortium blockchain for industrial, enterprise and government applications. It is committed to changing the current high cost of the local network architecture of consortium blockchain applications, and providing developers with a public blockchain resource environment based on the Internet concept. It greatly reduces the cost of development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interworking and supervision of blockchain applications.

The white paper mentioned that the service network has deployed 40 public city nodes in all provinces of the country with the strong support of 31 provincial companies of China Mobile. It is expected that the number of city nodes will reach about 100 when the service network is officially opened. At the same time, operators from Southeast, Asia and Europe, as well as cloud resource providers, e also plan to deploy city nodes in local areas.

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