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‘China’s Google’ Baidu Unveils a Blockchain Gaming App Based on Its SuperChain

China’s search giant Baidu unveiled a latest blockchain space game dubbed Du Yuzhou (Travel the Universe in literal translation) whose official website has been launched on June 8. Its app will go live on June 13 when the 2018 FIFA World Cup is opening.


Du Yuzhou is another blockchain project developed by the Chinese internet giant days after its Super Chain released. As reported by 8btc, Super Chain, developed by Baidu as the underpinning public blockchain, is compatible with the development system of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and could support up to 100,000 concurrent nodes on a single chain.

It is reported that this is the first app based on its recently-released Super Chain. Du Yuzhou is designed as a killer Dapp adopting Dpos consensus mechanism with an in-house token.

In the future, Baidu will develop more applications based on Super Chain. Each app will have its own token and all of them will form a digital society.

What is Du Yuzhou? According to its official website, it is a blockchain-based digital universe composed of elements, gravitation and planets. Residents (users) of the universe could obtain elements (token rewards) to create their unique planet. Elements will initially be available via airdrops. As the planet’s mass increases, many more functions will be unlocked.


The goal of the game is to enable users to experience the features and accumulation of cryptocurrency-like assets other than simply transaction.

“Du Yuzhou is not to launch another cryptocurrency, but a digital society experiment,” the company said.

It marks another effort by Baidu in its push for blockchain adoption. This Chinese Google is quickening its pace in embracing blockchain since entering into 2018, blockchain-as-a-service platform, blockchain-based original image property management platform, migrate its “Wikipedia” onchain, SuperChain, now a gaming app.


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