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China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang Is Now Memorialized on Ethereum

On February 7, someone created a smart contract on ethereum with source codes in the shape of a monument in honor of coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang at the block height of 9432824.

The Monument contract, created hours after Dr. Li’s death on the early morning of February 7, wrote down the biography of him in Chinese with a highlighted R.I.P and his contribution as a medical expert to warn others of the danger of the 2019-nCov as early as December 30 together with 7 other medicals.

On December 30, Li sent a message to his medical-school alumni in a WeChat group, warning that seven patients had been quarantined at Wuhan Central Hospital he worked after coming down with a respiratory illness that seemed like the SARS coronavirus. The police in Wuhan then reprimanded and silenced Li, requiring him sign a letter acknowledging that he was “making false speech”.


While after weeks of work without any effective quarantine measures at hospital, Li was hospitalized after having a cough and later fever which are the coronavirus’ symptoms and diagnosed with the virus on February 1.

In the past few weeks, the coronavirus originated in central China Wuhan has infected more than 31,000 people and killed more than 600 other people. Among those casualties is Li Wenliang, who died at 2:58 a.m. on Feb.7 at the age of 34.

The news of Li’s death immediately topped Weibo’s real-time trending topic list in the early morning of Feb.7, but was later dropped and no longer seen on the list. While Chinese netizens, showing widespread sadness and anger, post that “he that bringeth fire for all shall not be frozen to death in the snow” over the night on social media platforms WeChat, Weibo and Twitter.

In face of the topic cooling down, the creation of the smart contract which cannot be tampered and censored on a blockchain comes as an effort of the blockchain sector.

As public sentiment continues, China’s National Supervisory Commission said with central authority’s approval, the commission decided to send an investigative team to Wuhan and conduct a comprehensive probe into “problems concerning Dr. Li Wenliang reported by the people”.

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