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China’s BSN Has Been Officially Launched for Globally Commercial Operations

On the morning of April 25, Blockchain Services Network (BSN),a China’s blockchain industry alliance was officially launched for globally commercial operations in a conference in Beijing. The conference is hosted by the national information center and co-sponsored by China Mobile, China UnionPay, and BSN development alliance.

BSN, a cross-cloud service, cross-portal, cross-underlying framework jointly built by China Mobile, China UnionPay, and other Chinese enterprises under the guidance of the National Information Center, which aims to build a global infrastructure network being used to deploy and run various blockchain applications.

BSN finished the half-year internal test period on April 15, 2020. According to its latest white paper, with the global popularization of BSN, it will become the only global infrastructure network innovated by China, and its gateway access will be controlled by China.

The top-level design of BSN adopts the structure “1-base, 1-core, 6-cross, 7 nature”, “1-base” is based on consortium chain architecture, “1-core” is based on supporting smart city and digital economy, “6-cross” is cross-cloud service, cross-portal, cross-bottom architecture, cross-public network, cross-region, and cross-institution, “7-nature” means openness, commonality, scalability, open-source, multi portal, low cost, and autonomy.

BSN ecosystem consists of five parts: cloud service provider, underlying architecture provider, portal provider, developer, and operation & maintenance party. Encouraging competition is a major feature of BSN ecology. The BSN operation & maintenance party helps everyone can compete fairly in the same environment so that the whole blockchain industry can develop actively.

After being formal commercial adoption, BSN’s price is composed of TPS (computing power), storage, and traffic. An integrated model of prepayment and post-payment is adopted to provide customers with a precise and on-demand pricing mechanism.

Now BSN has deployed 128 public city nodes in the world, of which 76 are in China, 44 are under construction, and 8 are overseas, covering six continents of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. Cloud service providers include China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, AWS, Baidu Cloud, and azure.


“BSN construction project is huge and needs continuous optimization. It is expected that there will be an iteration every quarter, and the next version update will be at the end of July, mainly including the launch of Hyperledger Fabric(national security version); the adaptation of Baidu XuperChain framework; the management mechanism of cross-portal consortium chain; the interworking mechanism of nodes outside BSN network; the increase and optimization for urban node network management; the real-time monitoring and optimization of the overall operation of BSN network.”

Said the president of BSN, Shan Zhiguang, He said that the goal of BSN is to become the blockchain Internet. BSN belongs to the whole society. It does not aim at a profit, only a certain cost to maintain the operation of the whole system. At present, according to the calculation, the input costs of all parties cannot be recovered in five years. The purpose of BSN is to provide such an environment and encourage all parties to develop applications.

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