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China’s Blockchain Celebrity Lao Mao Throws Cold Water on EOS Sidechain BOS , One Day After Its Mainnet Went live

EOS sidechain BOSCORE (BOS), which is seen as a disruptor in the decentralized applications(DApp) landscape and a driver for the growth in EOS value, has become a heated topic in the crypto space. Just one day after its mainnet went live, BOS met strong opposition from blockchain “celebrity”Lao Mao, who thought the project was just a hyped thing.


The mainnet of BOS, a blockchain project that claims to provide a more user-friendly infrastructure for DApp operations and to potentially extend the EOS mainnet, went live on Jan.17. The BOS team has issue a total of 1 billion BOS token, and 50 million tokens were airdropped to EOS mainnet accounts four days ago.

Suspicion about the exact intention about the project which came out from nowhere arose when the mysterious development team is stepping up efforts to garnering support from the EOS community.

Lao Mao, who is currently running an EOS node known as EOS LaoMao, pointed out three reasons why he questioned the project in an article which was released on his WeChat official account on Jan. 18: First, the way of BOS token distribution seems to be “incompatible with decentralization”; second, BOS technical whitepaper does not disclose information about development team member and its founder; third, BOS’s upgrade function is questionable and risky and it is possibly exposed to risks when implementing EOS network upgrade.

Nevertheless, a long list of most prominent Blockchain Producers (BPs), including are EOS42, EOSDAC, Huobi, and EOSCANADA has joined BOS. BPs, roughly the equivalent of miners in PoW, are rewarded with BOS tokens, but the rewards will be adjusted according to the number of DApp on the chain, TPS, market value, liquidity and other indicators.

Lao Mao further claimed that this was because BPs on EOS network saw revenue declines in the prolonged bear market and they had to huddle together for warmth. Besides, two other factors— an alliance of bribery nodes and the development of EOSIO is way too slow, annoying some BPs—-also contribute to the growing support for the project.

“ A project launched by a technical team and a promoter who does not dare to show up cannot really change the world,” Lao Mao added. He himself and the EOSLaoMao node will not be involved in any event of BOS.

Lao Mao is not alone in criticizing the initiative. Many opponents believe EOS main chain is the biggest concern for the entire community, and the emergence of BOS will possibly divide the community into two.

On the other end of the spectrum, BOS supporters claim the exploration of sidechains on EOS network is a boon for the ecosystem which is designed to be a “multi-chain world”. Sun Yushi, founder of EOS Beijing told Odaily in a recent interview that if BOS can achieve inter-blockchain communication, there is no need to worry about a lot of disunity in the EOS community.


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