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China’s Bitcoin Social Media Site 8BTC NEWS Acquires 100 Million Investment In Series A Funding

March 2, 2018- 8BTC NEWS acquired 100 million Chinese yuan investment in series A financing from investors including Bitmain (a bitcoin miner and world’s foremost producer of ASIC bitcoin mining hardware), Puhua Capital, Funcity Capital (which has invested several crypto exchanges including Binance, Huobi and a few high-quality blockchain projects as Qtum, Tron and BTM) and QF Capital.


8BTC NEWS is a social media site with the mandate of bridging the blockchain development between China and abroad based in Hangzhou, China. As one of the earliest blockchain-related media in the country, it is famous for its unbiased attitude towards bitcoin and blockchain. Known as a social media, 8BTC also has a developing team-Bytom Blockchain-committed to public chain development.

8BTC News is a window for Chinese bitcoiners and blockchain startups to up-to-date domestic and abroad news on the crypto world and also a bridge for foreigners to get know Chinese blockchain industry.

Bytom is an interactive protocol of multiple byte assets, and it is deemed as one of the most potential blockchain projects in China.

Chang Jia, founder of 8BTC, said

“Engaged in preaching of blockchain technology and information spread, we are keeping moving. And now blockchain applications are being realized in the substantial economy, it is a yes time for our Bytom program. We’ll step up to combine and bridge all kinds of resources we have acquired, striving for the realization of atomic asset (asset of real world) going onchain.”


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