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China Unionpay release 1st blockchain projects assessment standard

Note: 8btc is still tracking closely with the details of the Standard and will upload full text ASAP.

February 22, 2017 Shanghai– The Blockchain Projects Assessment Conference was held in Shanghai Tongjji University and China UnionPay. The conference was co-hosted by Professor Ma Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of Data and Network Security Research Center (DNSRC) of Tongji University, and Zhou Yu, Director of Blockchain Projects of E-commerce and Electronic Payment National Engineering Laboratory (EEPNEL) of China UnionPay. The Chinese version of blockchina project assessment standard was released for the first time to public.
The press conference is mostly about the release of the Blockchain Evaluation Standard (the Standard), which is jointly developed by DNSRC and EEPNEL(China UnionPay). The Standard consists of two sections: a general assessment standard applicable in all sectors and another standard developed specifically for financial sectors. The general standard includes authentication test, performance test and security test, or 36 specific items. The financial standard set up 34 test items and 114 evaluation indicators to evaluate the integrity of blockchain software, covering 9 aspects like performance, security, scalability and inter-operability. Also a business scenario for test purpose is designed for financial sectors. The deployment of the proposal is based on a blockchain cloud platform, which provides one-stop service like audit, debugging and evaluation. At present, the Standard has been completed and deployed to test relevant projects of the Shanghai Blockchain Innovation Sandbox.
The Shanghai Blockchain Innovation Sandbox project is jointly founded by Tongji University, Shanghai International Finance Institute, China Foreign Exchange Trade Center, Bank of Shanghai, Europe Metallurgical Finance (Baowu Iron and Steel Group), Ants Cloud Finance, Wanda Network Technology, EEPNEL (China UnionPay), Wallet Financial Service and Shanghai Cloud Computing Innovation Base.
3 companies provide technical support for the Standard: Shanghai-based 51testing, Beijing Haopu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Radarwin Technology (Shanghai)


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