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China State TV Recommends a Book on Crypto Investment despite the Country’s Crypto Ban

CCTV, China’s state-run TV channel, recommended a bitcoin-related book named “Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond” to a wide Chinese audience on February 13.


Specifically, the CCTV2 Financial Channel presented the Chinese version of the book in an advertisement program. Co-written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, both are pioneers and professionals in cryptoasset investment, the book provides a guide for innovative investors to this entirely new asset class from these two industry insiders.


According to the preface of the book, “in addition to offering smart investment strategies, this authoritative resource will help you understand how these assets were created, how they work, and how they are evolving amid the blockchain revolution”.

The program hosts remarked that investors could capitalize on this greatest investment opportunity since the Internet. Since the inception of bitcoin, more than 800 crypto assets have come into being. “This new type of asset class points a direction for the financial sector,” commented one host.

The Chinese official television once again touched upon the theme of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after Andreas Antonopoulos’ “Mastering Bitcoin” was presented by the same program last October. Apart from book recommendation, the channel also pays attention to industry dynamics around the world, covering topics such as bitcoin price swings, crypto mining misery in South Korea, and France’s initiative to sell bitcoin in convenience store stalls.

It is known that exposure to bitcoin in the country has been under pressure since the Chinese government banned the conduct of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and activities of crypto exchanges in September 2017. The move from CCTV marks some positive sign for the bitcoin community as the state-controlled TV is broadcasting the new asset to the nationwide audience. It seems more crypto-related books, later maybe more hardcore crypto knowledge, will come into sight for the public in the country.


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    China State TV Recommends a Book on Crypto Investment despite the County’s Crypto Ban – 8BTC via BTCnews on iOS …

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    Crypto adoption coming

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