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China Sees 990 Million Yuan Finance into Blockchain Sector in July, 62% of Global Total

Blockchain has been an undisputed hot sector in recent years. China has seen an explosion of companies embracing blockchain technology, seeing these companies in the blockchain sector raise 990 million in July alone, accounting for 62% of the global total.

According to incomplete figures from 01 Data, a data collector in Fintech field, at least 154 investment and financing events related to Fintech were reported worldwide in July, involving a total of 35.16 billion yuan. Of these, 90 were happened in China, with a financing amount of around 28.51 billion yuan. Fintech companies in India, Singapore and the U.S. received 15 (1.4 billion yuan) and 12 (3.52 billion yuan) financing deals respectively.

China are gradually walking in the forefront in Fintech field, among which blockchain is one of the most favored fields by venture capitals.

In the past July, there were 74 financing events with a total of 1.6 billion yuan in the blockchain sector across the whole world, at the same record high as that of June.

Among them, Chinese blockchain companies concluded 42 financing events hitting 56.8% of the global total, and 990 million yuan in terms of financing amount, accounting for 62% of world’s total.

Of the 74 financing events globally, most are still in an early stage, with half of them in the A round accounting for 48% of the total financing amount. It marks that blockchain does attract considerable amount of capital and the mania in VC circle has been unabated since 2017.

As per a previous report by 8btc, China has seen sixfold surge in companies with blockchain in their names in the first half of 2018, compared to that for the whole of last year.


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