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China Crypto Roundup (Sep. 6-Sep. 12) :The Rectification of Virtual Currencies Continues

1. The rectification of virtual currencies continues in China

The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Communications requires all app stores to remove the “Block Eye” (区块天眼)app.

In response to the notice from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the agency issued an announcement stating that the app provides intermediary information for virtual currency transactions, conducts publicity, which violates the relevant requirements of PBoC.

Block Eye is an application for users to query blockchain company information. This should be ok, but the company issued its own tokens, which is the main reason for its delisting.

2. Personal financial management platform 9F Group plans to be cryptocurrency broker

After the domestic supervision has completely eliminated the P2P business, relevant business companies are accelerating their transformation. China Concept Stock 9F recently announced that it will transform into a global platform for securities and digital asset investment trading. As part of the strategic transformation, the company’s focus will shift to providing brokerage services, allowing investors to use the blockchain technology centered on stock securities and digital assets to trade digital securities.

3. China’s Internet Giant Tencent registered Metaverse related trademarks

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