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China Crypto Roundup (Nov. 29-Dec. 5) :China Applied for 4368 Metaverse Trademarks

1. China has applied for a total of 4368 Metaverse trademarks, involving 689 companies

At present, technology giants including Tencent , ByteDance (TikTok parent company), Google , Facebook (Meta), and Nvidia have begun to enter the Metaverse field, and the three major domestic telecom operators have also entered the Metaverse player camp.

2. CZ may become the richest ethnic Chinese with a net worth of $90 billion

Chinese media Caijing cited information from insiders that #Binance is valued at $300 billion, and CZ owns 30% of Binance. CZ’s worth has now reached $90 billion. In contrast, CZ’s worth is 35% more than Zhong Suisui, the richest man in mainland China.

3. Chinese security company 360 launched a mining monitoring tool to obtain data from mining hosts

According to the monitoring data in November, the daily average number of active mining host IPs is 109,000. The main network types used are home broadband, enterprise dedicated lines, and data centers, mainly in Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, etc.

4. InnoSilicon released a new Ethereum ASIC mining machine A11 Pro with a hashrate of 1500MH/s

Chinese chip manufacturer InnoSilicon officially launched the new Ethereum ASIC mining machine A11 Pro. The average hashrate of the new ASIC miner is 1500MH/s and the power is 2350W. This means that the average efficiency is 1.56 W per MH/s, which exceeds all machine currently on the market. The current quotation is 170,000 to 180,000 yuan (approximately $27,000) per unit.

5. Huobi will gradually complete the withdrawal plan for users in mainland China(UTC+8)

12/14/11:00 stop deposit
12/15/11:00 stop trading
12/31/24:00 stop OTC CNY trading

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