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China Crypto Roundup (May. 10-May. 16):Alipay Supports Digital RMB

1. The seventh commercial bank to participate in the pilot public test was connected with digital RMB to Alipay

On May 8, the digital RMB APP was updated, and the “Online Business Bank (Alipay)” in the wallet operating institutions has been available.

At the same time, ICBC, the Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, CCB, Bank of Communications, the Post and Reserve Bank of the six major state-owned banks under the digital RMB wallet have added several merchants from Alibaba, indicating that the digital RMB officially through the Alipay channel.

2. Blockchain applications of 52 A-share companies have been launched into new fields of computing power and distributed storage business

“Securities Daily” reporters on the Oriental Fortune Choice financial terminal “blockchain concept” plate of 264 listed companies related annual reports, found that the real applications been explored and studied by only more than 110 companies, the rest of the company is still in the “pure concept” stage. These 264 companies are divided into three echelons. Among them, more than 50 listed companies, including Yuanguang Software and Jihong, constitute the first echelon of blockchain layout and are in the stage of application. In addition, more than 60 listed companies constitute the second echelon, in the exploration and research stage, among which the leader is only one step away from the application landing; The rest did not mention “blockchain” at all in their annual reports.

From the perspective of practice, there are two new highlights of listed companies blockchain projects in 2020: on the one hand, the tax field has become a new highland for listed companies to compete for the layout of blockchain;On the other hand, in addition to the layout of traditional finance, government affairs and other fields, some listed companies began to explore computing power, distributed storage and other emerging blockchain businesses.

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