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China Crypto Roundup (Mar. 7-Mar. 13) :Justin Sun Want to Run for US President After The Verge’s Report

1. The founder of Loopring Protocol Daniel said on wechat that he is no longer involved in the daily work of the project, and it will be run by the new CEO Steve Guo. In addition, he said that he was thinking about a new project. Other details have not yet been disclosed.

2. A virtual currency mining farm hidden in an electric vehicle charging station was seized by the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, and more than 190 mining machines were seized on the spot, worth more than 5 million yuan.

3. The Verge’s investigation claims that Justin Sun is suspected of insider trading and other crimes, the FBI and the IRS have launched an investigation

4. Zhang Jun, Chief Prosecutor of China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate, pointed out in his work report: punish new financial crimes involving virtual currency and online lending platforms, and prosecute 1,262 people for money laundering crimes, a year-on-year increase of 78.5%.

5. Justin Sun on Weibo: I attach great importance to compliance and maintain good relations with regulators in various countries (including China and the US). For the bottomless rumors of foreign media, a top US law firm has been hired to investigate its legal responsibility. Justin Sun replied on weibo that if the US media continue to spread rumors about him, he will not rule out taking countermeasures by running for president of the US.

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