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China Crypto Roundup (Mar. 21-Mar. 27) :The Merge Might be Why GPU Price Falling

1. Several digital collection platforms have been removed by wechat due to illegal transactions and the use of bots to purchase. Recently, under the background that the compliance of digital collections is not clear, many platforms have begun to actively crack down on violations to prevent further fermentation of related behaviors.

2. Hong Kong listed company CCNG announced today that it issued Carbon based NFT. By buying this NFT, institutions, enterprise and individuals can offset their carbon emissions and to achieve carbon neutrality.

3. According to several shops in China’s Huaqiangbei (one of the largest electronics markets in the world), GPU price has been falling since 2022, and the current price is also at a low level in the past two years. It may continue to decline after that. A combination of factors has caused the price of GPU to plummet. And crypto mining might be one of them as ethereum plans to merge.

4. Ali Auction clarified on Weibo today that its digital collection trading platform is not based on “third-party public chains”, but a professional consortium chain under supervision. Its digital collections do not involve public chains and cannot do C2C trading.

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