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China Crypto Roundup (Jan. 10-Jan. 16) :Bitcoin Hashrate Back To Normal

1. According to data from, the current average computing power of Bitcoin network is about 179.85 EH/S. Compared with 168.92 EH/S on January 3, it rebounded 6.47%. Prior to January 1, the average computing power of the entire BTC network reached a record high of 207.53 EH/S. According to previous reports, the shutdown of Internet access in Kazakhstan has caused a decline in hashrate of many Bitcoin mining pools.

2. Well known pop star Jay Chou posted on Instagram to celebrate PhantaBear ‘s top ranking in OpenSea’s trading volume over the past week: When I said I am all about being no. 1, I wasn’t kidding.

3. Chinese English-language education company Meten announced that it has started a preliminary trial operation of a cryptocurrency mining business in Pennsylvania, the United States. At present, the company has obtained 147 #cryptomining machines with a total computing power of about 14P, which have been commercialized in Pennsylvania. The company has now begun construction of mining farms in Canada and the United States. The company also hopes to offer hosting services in the future.

4. The HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) will establish a regulatory framework for Crypto assets by July.

5. China’s Ministry of Public Security: 259 cases related to virtual currency money laundering have been cracked, and virtual currency worth more than 11 billion RMB has been seized

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