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China Crypto Roundup (Feb. 14-Feb. 20) :First Metaverse ETF Coming in HK, Zhejiang Add Electricity Fee For Miners

1. The People’s Bank of China released the Report on China’s Monetary Policy implementation in the fourth quarter of 2021. The report mentioned the closure of domestic virtual currency trading and token issuance financing platforms.

2. BYD Auto applied for the registration of the “BYD Metaverse” trademark. It is worth noting that the Metaverse trademark applications of many Chinese companies have been rejected.

3. Well-known Chinese animation IP ALI NFT has been accused of having numerous loopholes and even typo on its website:

-The debug mode of the official website is not closed, and the background code logic is directly exposed
-The official website uses the version released by ThinkPHP 5 years ago, which is likely to have penetration vulnerabilities
-The official website exposes the admin background address
-The metadata is placed directly in the public folder, and anyone can access at any time

The team responded by saying that they are currently actively reworking the site and rearranging the NFT rarity by shuffling all the metadata that was previously leaked.

4. The Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on Monday, announcing the implementation of differential electricity prices for virtual currency mining electricity, with a price increase of 0.50 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

5. The first Metaverse ETF in Hong Kong is scheduled to be listed on February 21. This ETF primarily invests in companies that provide products or services that contribute to the development of Metaverse for long-term capital appreciation.

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