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China Crypto Roundup (Apr. 18-Apr. 24) :Tencent Start Web3 Recruitment, CCTV Warn About Metaverse Hype

1. CCTV’s recent report on Metaverse pointed out that the number of Chinese companies applying for the “Metaverse” trademark exceeds 10,000, but most of them are just clout chaser with no viable products.

2. Tencent has recently released a number of Web3 job recruitment information (Web3 engineer, data analyst and product planner). The recruitment requirements for some positions include “familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos and other blockchain frameworks, and experience in underlying development is preferred”; “proficiency in EVM principles and Solidity smart contract language and development library, and have relevant project experience”; “Experience in Ethereum #NFT and #DeFi project development is preferred”.

3. One of China’s biggest online video platforms iQIYI announced the release of its digital collection blind box with its virtual IP Producer C, a panda.

4. China’s national television CCTV: The Metaverse promotional video released by Meta (previously Facebook) is an animation with low precision. It is still an emerging thing that has not yet been formed, and experts warn not to blindly follow Metaverse hype.

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