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Charles Lee : Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Feature

In the interview, Lee reveals he started Litecoin as a fun project and never expected it to become as big-time as it did. He wanted to experiment and improve Bitcoin, but also create something better than the pumps and pre-mines of other altcoin projects.

Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Feature

Lee also expressed admiration for anonymity projects in other cryptocurrencies. But fungibility, he said, is the one thing preventing Bitcoin from being “perfect money.”

Charles Lee

He is exploring adding privacy and even confidential transactions to Litecoin. Given Litecoin’s a smaller team and market cap compared to Bitcoin, Lee said he’s willing to take more risks.

The altcoin is heading towards its fifth anniversary next month and shows no signs of going away. In fact it is partnering with Ledger to produce a branded hardware wallet that will support Litecoin alongside Bitcoin.

Lee also revealed he hasn’t been actively developing for Litecoin since he joined Coinbase in 2013. He’d been away for too long and the project got a bit stagnant, he said.

On the Bitcoin block size issue Lee reveals he’s “kind of in the middle.” Again, he’d be prepared to take the risk at Litecoin — if it ever reaches that point.

Charles Lee’s Other Adventures in Crypto

Lee also talked about his brother, BTCC CEO Bobby Lee in Shanghai. Hear how they got into Bitcoin but wound up on opposite sides of the world (and may become competitors).

The interview covers Lee’s experience working at Google, Coinbase and now GDAX, and the various challenges cryptocurrency exchanges face. Lee also covers the Ethereum hard fork fiasco, how Coinbase managed to leak 30,000 ETC tokens, and why it’s no biggie.

You can check out the full episode here.

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