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Chandler Guo’s email attacked likely for his support for BU; Jihan Wu infuriated

On March 21st, Hongcai Guo, as known as Chandler Guo, the well-known miner of Bitcoin as well as the angel investor, has declared that he himself supported the scaling plan of BitcoinUnlimted (BU), and  appealed to the public for further support to BU.

“I’ve made the jump to Bitcoin Unlimited today. Come join us, come to Bitcoin Unlimited.”


However, right after posing that tweet, Guo’s email was exposed to the DDOS attack by numerous junk mails. However, he showed his calm mind and said “After posing that tweet, all of the email attacks are from overseas accounts. Besides me, also received this email attack.This kind of thing happens all the time, and I can understand it.


Jihan Wu, the founder of BITMAIN, posted a comment in his Weibo on this attack:

“After Er Bao should his support to BU, his personal email account got a sudden DDOS attack. The Bitcoin’s tradition of freedom and openness has been utterly betrayed by the censorship and terrorism. And this is a huge threat to the prospect of Blockchain development !”


         Jihan WU infuriated about email attack on Chandler, calling it a terrorism.

Chandler Guo: Calm down and attention! Support and Follow BitcoinUnlimted.

After Guo made the statement, he is calling for more attention in Bitcoin community.Furthermore, some media even thinks that the mining pool in which Guo participants will also support BU. Hence the Hashrate will increase by 1% if that thing happens. Previously, after Antpool — the mining pool of BITMAIN, announced to support BU, the support rates of BU and Segregated  Witness changed rapidly according to


Guo then clarified this to 8BTC by saying:

“I am only on behalf of myself instead of EXX mining pool and BW mining pool.Although I am the stakeholders of these two pools, I cannot take the place of their CEOs to make a decision. On the other hand, I can personally support BU, and do my best to convince them. Guys, please calm down and attention, let us support and follow BitcoinUnlimted!”

In the meantime, Guo also appeals to more miners and mining pools to draw to declarations by saying: “Miners, mining pools and exchanges, you guys do not need to be panic, instead, you should stand out and make a statement. And personally, I think that making late statement is just as same as not making statement at all. It is a bad choice because the final statement tends to be following others without their own thinking. So far, there are more than half of the mining pools where the statements have not been decided yet. Although there are plenty of suggestions on supporting the scaling, there is still a large proportion standing on the audience side. As far as I can see , supporting BU is just the same as supporting the scaling at the moment.”

Is Bitcoin Scaling Imperative and Inevitable?

Why should us support BU? Guo told 8BTC:

“I think currently Bitcoin Scaling is imperative and inevitable.”

Guo also thought that to  refuse the Scaling would do harm to the development of Bitcoin. He showed this figure below:


In this figure, the proportion of altcoins is increasing rapidly in the market cap of  entire digital currency, which  the Bitcoin’s percentage in the market is decreasing. Besides, the gap between these two has gradually been wider and wider.

Guo illustrated:

“Superficially, the price of Bitcoin has not decreased so far. And it still keeps between 7,000 and 8,000 RMB. But in fact, the scale of whole digital currency is expanding, i.e., the proportion of Bitcoin is experiencing the severe reduction. How come? Because there are plenty of  uncertainties of Bitcoin like the argument of scaling is still existing andwhether the Bitcoin will switch into two coins. What is worse, the transaction speed of Bitcoin is extremely slow, while its transaction cost is very high. In contrast, the situation of altcoin is totally different. Due to the flourish of new digital currencies, such as ETH, Zcash, Dash, etc., those new users tend to choose the new ones instead of Bitcoin.”

Although this statement was entirely his own idea , Guo still appealed to the miners to input their Hashrate to BU’s mining pool by saying “The mining pool of utilizes PPS mode, thus the miners can acquire 110% income. In other words, this income is higher than any other mining pool nationwide. Please come and support the miner switch in BU!”

Currently, there have been seven mining pools announcing their support for BU’s mining poo which are Viabtc, Antpool,,, Canoe, GBminers and Slush.


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