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Central Bank Experts, Investment Bankers, University President… GWEI 2022-Singapore Summit More Guests Revealed!

On July 14, 2022, the first Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit -Singapore (GWEI 2022 – Singapore) will open at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore!

Focusing on Web3, the Summit is co-organized by SUSS NiFT, 8BTC’s new overseas brand “DeFiDAONews” and SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences), one of the six public universities in Singapore.

The title sponsor of the Summit is OKX – the world’s leading Web3 ecosystem builder with three business segments: trading platform OKX, public chain OKC and decentralized ecosystem Web3 Wallet.

Today, we will introduce the second batch of 8 speakers from different fields, who are from universities, national central banks, on-chain data portals, games, trading platforms, investment institutions, public chains, etc.

Professor Cheong Hee Kiat: President of SUSS

Cheong Hee Kiat

SUSS is the co-organizer of GWEI 2022 – Singapore, and she belongs to one of the six public universities in Singapore, which is actively involved in the exploration and promotion of the world’s latest technologies and things, leading research and teaching in the fields of Web3, blockchain, Metaverse, etc.

Cheong Hee Kiat has led SUSS since 2005 and is an advocate of lifelong learning and giving people of all ages, socio-economic and educational backgrounds the opportunity to learn to the fullest. He has served on the boards of several higher education institutions, statutory boards and public committees, and is also actively involved in accreditation and academic audits of universities in Singapore and internationally.

Tansaya Kunaratskul: Founding President of SUSS; Senior Specialist at the Office of Corporate Strategy, Bank of Thailand

Tansaya Kunaratskul

Tansaya Kunaratskul is responsible for strategy and policy development related to the digital finance sector, with a particular focus on developments in central bank digital currencies and digital payments. For example, she is involved in researching the Bank of Thailand’s digital currency (CBDC) programs – cross-border wholesale CBDC and retail CBDC – and co-authored the policy direction paper, “The Way Forward for Retail CBDC in Thailand”. The paper provides policy direction for retail CBDC and a preliminary analysis of its impact and design in the Thai context.

Lennix Lai: Financial Market Director, OKX

Lennix Lai

OKX combines cutting-edge blockchain technology development systems and is a well-known company in various fields such as Web3 and Metaverse, with over 20 million users covering more than 200 countries and regions.

Lennix has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, focusing on high frequency trading, DMA (Direct Market Access), asset management, pre- and post-trade operations, risk management and compliance. He plays a key role in OKX’s product development, enhancing customer experience and improving the platform.

And prior to joining OKX, Lennix worked at JP Morgan and AIG, where he was head of CASH Financial Services Group and had full responsibility for overseeing regulatory activities under the SEC. He managed a team of DMA specialists for global hedge funds, high-frequency trading and quantitative CTAs, while also handling relationships with major global exchanges.

Jan Camenisch: CTO, DFINITY Foundation

Jan Camenisch

Jan Camenisch is the Chief Technology Officer of the DFINITY Foundation and Director of the DFINITY Research Lab in Zurich. Prior to joining DFINITY, Jan was a Principal Researcher at IBM Research – Zurich, where he led the Privacy and Cryptography research team. As a leading scientist in privacy and cryptography, he is also a fellow of IACR, IEEE and ACM. He has published more than 140 widely cited papers, has been awarded about 140 patents worldwide, and holds awards including the 2013 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award and the 2018 IFIP Kristian Beckman Award.

Alex Svanevik: Nansen, CEO

Alex Svanevik

Nansen is a well-known blockchain analytics platform in the crypto industry that combines on-chain data with a large and growing database containing millions of wallet tags to provide exhaustive on-chain analytics capabilities. Alex Svanevik is the CEO of Nansen and leads the development of Nansen; Not only that, he is also a data scientist in the crypto field and a crypto KoL, and his views often influence practitioners’ analysis and judgment of the market.

Sebastien Borget: Cofounder and COO, The Sandbox

Sebastien Borget

Borget Sebastien has previously worked in the mobile gaming space, and for the past three years has been experimenting with bringing blockchain technology to gaming. Under his leadership, The Sandbox has gradually opened up its influence in the crypto world by working with many well-known companies such as South China Morning Post, HSBC, NWD Group, Adidas Originals, PwC, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, etc. Today, it is the sandbox game and Metaverse concept project with top traffic and attention on Ethereum.

Justin Chou: Chief Investment Officer, Kucoin

Justin Chou

KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of KuCoin Exchange, aims to invest in the most disruptive cryptocurrency and blockchain projects of the Web 3.0 era. Justin Chou has led a number of early-stage investments in the crypto space and has been involved in launching projects such as the $100 million “Creators Fund” to support NFT creators and projects. “Justin Chou believes the next wave of cryptocurrency growth will be led by powerful global brands that can create real-world products for millions of people.

Jack Lee: Founding Managing Partner, HCM Capital

Jack Lee

Jack Lee has served in this role since 2015. Since founding HCM Capital, he has focused on early-stage investments in the fintech, blockchain and digital asset sectors in the US and China. He has been a board member of numerous digital assets and blockchain companies, including Galaxy Digital, Figure Tech and others. In recent years, Jack Lee has focused on investments and business development in the next generation decentralized financial space, particularly the potential evolution brought about by the Bitcoin network. In addition, he has served as a researcher at SUSS Singapore.

The first Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit – Singapore invites the world’s most influential crypto teams, experts and scholars, academic institutions, investment research institutions, government and enterprise executives and other industry leaders and opinion leaders to discuss the development of the Web3 industry. The above ten speakers are only a part of the invited guests of this summit. Want to know who else will attend? Please visit the official website of the Summit:

In 2022, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DAO, DeFi and other new things in the Web3 era are completely rewriting traditional business models and reshaping the global digital business landscape. A new digital era is opening. GWEI 2022 – Singapore will be the first large-scale offline Web3 annual event in Southeast Asia. Global Web3 practitioners can speak freely, work together and explore new opportunities in the Web3 era.

In July, here in Singapore, join the industry leader to explore Web3!

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