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Canaan Unveils AvalonMiner A911 , and Its 5nm Chip Is In Developmet

Canaan Creative, the world’s second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware, announced a new mining rig model known as AvalonMiner A911 Saturday at 2018 Mining Summit which was held in China’s southwestern city of Chengdu. The Bitcoin ASIC miner will be soon available for users to purchase it.


According to Chen Feng, Canaan’s AvalonMiner Sales Director, AvalonMiner A911 has a maximum hashrate of 18 THs and the power consumption is 1440w. It will provide 80 Watts per THS power usage. As the company said in its official Wechat account, the newly-launched mining rig which is powered by the 7nm mining chip has stronger hash power and consumes less energy than its another flagship miner A921 which has been almost sold out.

In addition to the mining rig, Chen also introduced several new products the mining giant plans to launch soon, including a cloud computing heater and a mobile mining farm called “Avalon Box” as well as the AI chip named Kendryte. With these products, Canaan hopes to make crypto mining a functional part of household life.

In early August, Canaan launched the world’s first bitcoin mining TV set , dubbed AvalonMiner Inside, stirring up some hype in the crypto community then. The device which is based on artificial intelligence can calculate the fluctuating rate of Bitcoin mining profitability in real time.

Further, Chen added at the mining summit that the Hangzhou-based company set to roll out 5nm chips after it unveiled the first-ever 7nm mining chips on August 8th that powers its Avalonminer A9. His comments came just a week after Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), a major chip producer for Canaan Creative and its larger rival, Bitmain, announced it planned to begin trial production of its 5nm technology in April 2019.

Canaan filed its 1 $billion IPO application on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May, reporting around $205 million in revenue in 2017 alone. Although the crypto market is in a bear trend, the the No.2 hardware seller is doubling down its efforts to develop advanced chips and other mining products, in bid to gain a competitive edge in the fierce battle in the lucrative crypto mining hardware manufacturing industry.


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