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Canaan Unveils 50W/T Bitcoin ASIC Miner Avalon A10 for the Upcoming Wet Season

Canaan Creative, the world’s second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware, has unveiled its new bitcoin miner Avalonminer A10 after its A9 series hit a success.

The A10 model is boasted as a competitive edge for bitcoin mining in the upcoming wet season. The Avalon team claimed that A10 took them half a year in its research and development in order to appeal to the market demand as a high-hashrate-output bitcoin miner.

According to its official WeChat account, the new bitcoin ASIC is expected to deliver a hashrate of 31 TH/s (-5% to +10%) at a power consumption of 1736W (0% to +15%) at the wall. That is a 56W/T ratio, or even efficient as 50W/T at its best performance. While its price and more specs of A10 remain undisclosed, but it is announced to be for sale this March, that means it will be rolled out soon since March has only two days to go.


The company has taken the lead over 7nm chip. Last August, it rolled out what it claims the world’s first 7nm Avalonminer A9, three months ahead of its rival Bitmain’s first 7nm miner Antminer S15. With the rollout of more powerful 7nm miners from various makers, 7nm mining rigs are making its way to a bigger consumer market.

The news comes at a time when crypto miners are all waiting for the long-anticipated wet season in Sichuan where millions of mining rigs have been moved there for the upcoming cheap and abundant hydroelectricity.

With the hashrate of the bitcoin network expected to spike during the high water period, the mining difficulty will surge along with it, in this context, the whole industry is in urgent need of bitcoin miners promising a high hashrate. With the new 7nm miners, this could be a huge game changer for bitcoin mining.

Earlier this month, the Hangzhou-based chip maker Canaan has raised hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in a new funding round and after that the company is now valued at billions of dollars. The company is reportedly plotting another IPO attempt on Shanghai Stock Exchange and NASDAQ after its application to go public on Hong Kong Stock Exchange lapsed.


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