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Canaan Likely to Surpass Bitmain in 7nm ASIC Chips Mass Production

Crypto mining represents an on-going growing opportunity for chip manufactures, mining operations continue to compete by making faster chips. Two China-based mining hardware giants, Bitmain and Canaan are currently engaged in an ASIC chip race. According to industrial news, Canaan will roll out ASICs based on TSMC’s 7nm process in July, which may be slightly ahead of Bitmain.2018050916454631

Canaan Creative, the bitcoin mining chip maker ranks only second to Bitmain, is transforming its 16nm ASICs straight to 7nm chips. The company is also plans to enter mass production of this brand new 7nm semiconductor chips in July 2018. in the use of advanced process, Canaan is faster than its top competitor Bitmain. Nevertheless, this news has not been confirmed by TSMC yet.

Canaan Creative was found by Zhang Nangeng (N.G Zhang) in 2013. Canaan’s annual net profit increased 125 times in two years. The company received a Series A of 300 million RMB ($43 million USD) in May 2017. After that, Canaan worth 3.3 billion CNY.

TSMC’s 7nm process may improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of mining machine. Canaan has been developing 7nm chips to make their miners more competitive. It was also reported that Canaan has plans to enter the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market. Which coincidently chooses the same development strategy as Bitmain.

Bitmain is also attempting to roll out 7nm chips in the second half of this year. According to Economic Daily, Zhan Ketuan, co-founder of Bitmain went to Taiwan last week to visit TSMC, Powerchip and other suppliers in order to discuss their cooperation in the new generation of high-performance mining chips, as well as further development after Bitmain’s AI transformations.

Bitmain has contracted the total production capacity of the Nanjing Fab of TSMC. The company will roll out a variety of ASICs based on TSMC 10nm and 7nm process in the 2nd half of this year. The company is also working on AI chips: sophon. It was also reported that Bitmain has become China’s second largest IC design company ,ranked only second to Hisilicon.


  • 8BTCnews
    4 years ago 8BTCnews

    #Canaan Likely to Surpass #Bitmain in 7nm #ASIC Chips Mass Production …

  • mineCC
    4 years ago mineCC

    CanaanはBitmainに先んじて7月から7nm世代ASICの量産(ファウンダリはTSMC)に入るようだとの情報。 …

  • mineCC
    4 years ago mineCC

    中国の女優范 冰冰さんがBTCを利用した脱税を行った疑惑。

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  • ぽてを。【IYRK】
    4 years ago ぽてを。【IYRK】

    BTCはこんなのに良く利用されますね。 RT @ETHxCC 中国の女優范 冰冰さんがBTCを利用した脱税を行った疑惑。

    $9.3mln、4桁BTC相当との噂。 …

  • Japan Coin Lab. | 日本仮想通貨研究所
    4 years ago Japan Coin Lab. | 日本仮想通貨研究所

    Canaanもマイニングマシン7nmチップで来月増産開始。一昨日7nmのGMO miner B2発表あったが出荷は10月末。Canaanのハッシュレートと消費電力は不明だがシェアは世界2位。スペックと出荷時期次第ではGMO出荷前キャンセルでシェア奪えない、世界トップ性能を謳えなくなる恐れ。 …

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    Canaan Likely to Surpass Bitmain in 7nm ASIC Chips Mass Production | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

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    マイナーが $BTC 空売りへ変貌、中国ヘッジ取引増加し世界最大級。ショートポジション後、マイニングで得たコイン次々売りに出し弱気相場を導き利益得る新世代マイナー。値下がり過ぎマイニング損益分岐水準下回るとGPU売却、強気相場来そうならGPU購入しマイナーに高値売却。 …

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