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Bytom Partners with ImToken to Embrace Cambrian Outbreak of Digital Assets

24 July, Hangzhou-On the afternoon of July 24th, Changjia, founder of 8btc and Bytom, visits ConsenLabs(Hangzhou Rongshi Technology Co., Ltd.), a blockchain startup based in Hangzhou. ConsenLabs is the team of the first Chinese Ethereum-based mobile wallet: imToken. The meeting is fruitful as both projects agree to form strategic partnership for more cooperation in the future.

Both parties believe that in the near future, various types of financial assets in the real world will migrate to blockchain. People will usher in the era of “Cambrian outbreak of digital assets”. If Bytom is positioned as a router to connect the atomic world with the byte world, then imToken is the browser of blockchain-based assets. Both projects are complementary to each other.
8BTC will help ConsenLabs to establish a global branding and community with its media and community advantages. As an easy-to-use mobile digital asset management wallet, imToken will provide wallet support for ICO assets of In addition, the two partners will explore potential together on blockchain development training, blockchain technology promotion, user education, investment, financing and other areas.
Changjia introduced two major products of 8btc. 8btc media is set to be the portal of blockchain industry, serving blockchain entrepreneurs, helping blockchain project to establish brands and communities, gaining access to users, fund-raising or ICO. The current stage of blockchain is like the early stage of internet development. Information and data is the core resource of the early stage. 8BTC’s mission is to provide education to the market and promote blockchain application. Another product line is Bytom, which is completely a technology-oriented product. Bytom proposed UTXO compatibility, universal address format, AI ASIC friendly consensus algorithm and eight innovations in total. Bytom is trying to bridge the gap between the atomic world and the byte world to realize registration and circulation between different assets.
He Bin, founder of ConsenLabs, reveals that imToken version 2.0 will be launched later this year.. The new version aims to solve practical problems from user perspective. “Blockchain technology requires further optimization for the average user. The new version imToken wallet will reduce obstacles for new users while deliver educational content to users. ImToken has produced many high-quality original contents since the beginning this year to guide users to manage and use digital asset wallet.
On the other hand, imToken will develop from a more comprehensive perspective. At present, imToken is still based on the Ethereu. In the future imToken will be integrated into all blockchain ecosystem, hoping to provide users with a tool to manage a variety of assets.
Both parties have come to a common understanding that interaction between different tokens and merging of different ecosystem is inevitable in the future.
Ecological diversity requires cooperation on different levels. Bytom aims to be the underlying infrastructure and innovates in consensus algorithm, account model, dividend distribution through side-chain, asset tagging and other aspects. ImToken is an application on the top layer of the ecosystem, enabling users to enjoy the convenience brought by blockchain technology.
For example, how to achieve proper and convenient management of different assets? ImToken tries to solve this problem. ImToken define itself as the vault of digital assets. Over 300 types of assets could be accessed via ImToken wallet. The next step will be integration of liquidity between different assets. In the age of token economy, digital tokens will be integrated into different industries as a carrier of value. ImToken strives to become an “asset browser” for users to access and enter blockchain community.

In the future, the two parties will form a long-term strategic partnership and strengthen cooperation in terms of delivering high-quality content, establishment of community, cultivating market, promotion of blockchain technology, integration and interaction between different blockchain communities. Both projects hope that more blockchain innovators will join to build a broader community and ecosystem.


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    Bytom Partners with ImToken to Embrace Cambrian Outbreak of Digital Assets …

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    This is gonna be big for Bytom

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    Hello BYTOM team , I wanted to tell you that I love Bytom, thanks for keeping on working so hard on developing the technology. I find it very innovative and useful, I really want to see more what you can do with Bytom and also I would love to see Bytom in more Exchanges , like Bittrex, BTCC, Bithum, even Poloniex. Can you please keep on updating the Bytom community with the technology upgrades, investment, alliances, marketing, and public uses that are going on with Bytom, I firmly believe Bytom will be goblally know very very soon , please keep up the good work. Blessings.

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