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Bytom Mainnet Released Along with Antminer B3 for BTM Mining

April 24, 2018 (8BTC News) – Bytom mainnet was officially launched at 14:00 (GMT+8) on April 24 after ten months’ development and test work. Antminer B3 for BTM mining, Bytom Web and Bytom wallet were launched on the same day along with the launch of mainnet.

It signals that Bytom has taken a solid step forward in realizing its mandate of bridging the byte world and the atom world, enabling multiple assets get freely circulated onchain, as well as users’ participation in co-building the Bytom ecosystem.

The genesis block was generated by Bytom team, on which “Information is power. January 11, 2013. Computing is power. April 24, 2018” was recorded.

BTM mining is available along with the release of Bytom mainnet. 693 million BTM, namely 33 per cent of total BTM is reserved for mining, according to Bytom Economic Whitepaper. The team also announced that all officially mined BTM by Bytom team during April 24 – 26 would be airdropped to community for Bytom supporters’ concern and trust.

BTM could be mined by GPU or Antminer B3 designed for BTM mining. Coming on the heel of the news, Bitmain today announced that the first batch of 2,500 Antminer B3 would be available at 11:00 a.m. (GMT+8) April 25; a limit of one miner per user was set and shipment will start in May 1st – 10th.


Bytom is a blockchain interactive protocol of multiple byteassets, via which different assets (warrants, securities, bonds, digital currency, etc) can be exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations.

Since this year, Bytom has quickened its step out of China to enlarge its overseas communities with global meetup in South Korea and tensority algorithm release at MIT.

8BTC and Bytom founder Changjia addressed,

“Let’s start this non-stop credit machine to push atomic assets onchain. Let the government, enterprises, institutions, as well as individuals act as equal nodes on the distributed network, and manage their own assets, identity and credit on it, sharing an untampered ledger.”

Bytom founder Duan Xinxing,

“After numerous iterations and tests, with all these global meetup and promotions, Bytom mainnet finally came out. This is the joint effort of our core team and our global community. We do hope to create a “smart global Internet of asset” via Bytom – To enable fast and convenient asset registration, as well as flexible and programmable asset circulation. To make interactions between “man and man”, “man and asset”, and even “asset and asset” of the future in the digital age possible; To realize the common prosperity of atom world and byte world with the help of peer-to-peer interactive applications and cryptography-based financial ecosystem. This is not the end, but a fresh new start, and we’ll witness that together.”

Bytom team member,

“After a long wait and a substantial effort from all the Bytom team, we are finally excited, happy and proud to release our mainnet. This is a big milestone for the team but just the beginning of this adventure, keep moving forward!”


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