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Bytom Goes Mobile With SDK Technology From Maverick Chain

November 6, Hangzhou– Bytom and Maverick Chain has reached an cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. SDK will be integrated on Bytom protocol to facilitate mobile development. According to the agreement, Maverick Chain will develop SDK based on Bytom protocol, building a mobile ecosystem around the public blockchain. By changing sophisticated outlook of technology, the cooperation between the two parties is just the beginning of various apps to be launched on Bytom.


Lang Yu, CTO of Bytom, said that

“Maverick Chain team is highly experienced in mobile apps development and has accumulated a large number of users. With the SDK technology of Maverick Chain, Bytom protocol can be quickly integrated into a wide range of mobile applications, expanding the adaptability of Bytom. Meanwhile, the integration will allow users to Bytom directly without knowing the underlying technology of Bytom.”

Li Mingzhao, CEO of Maverik Chain, said that the SDK technology of Maverick Chain can greatly simplify the blockchain development. Millions of APP users can be quickly transformed into members of Bytom community. Li Mingzhao also introduced how to integrate SDK into blockchain. The user base of a popular mobile app is usually measured at millions. However, these users might not display high activity due to the absence of incentive mechanism. The loyalty credits are limited to internal circulation or even only for user’s own use. If such loyalty credits are tokenized and circulated via blockchain, then users are incentivized to create more activities on the app while push adoption of blockchain in a fast way.

Launched in August 2017, Maverick Chain aims to serve as a Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) platform for blockchain developers. The platform offers aggregated SDKs for various public blockchain. By using Maverick Chain’s BAAS platform, blockchain application development can be made easier and faster, allowing more non-blockchain assets to migrate more easily to blockchain networks, attracting more developers to evolve around the blockchain industry.

Partnering with Maverick Chain is just the beginning, Bytom will work together with more partners from blockchain and traditional industries to expand Bytom’s ecosystem, vitality and common development of blockchain industry.

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