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Bytom Global Meetup Tour in Seoul Concluded Perfectly

SEOUL, March 18, 2018 (8BTC News) – Bytom Global Meetup Tour – Seoul Meetup was held at Pentarium in Seoul, South Korea. Bytom CEO Duan Xinxing, CEO assistant of Bitmain Zhang Yuan, and Zeniex CEO Choi Kyung-joon, together with 200+ blockchain investors and bitcoiners, attended the meetup.

Blockchain development as well as its future trend are under heated and in-depth discussion during the meetup. It was the joint debut of China’s leading blockchain influences including Bitmain (world’s foremost producer of bitcoin mining hardware), Bytom (one of the most potential blockchain projects in China) and 8BTC (a leading Chinese bitcoin & blockchain news site) in South Korea.


Zhang Yuan, CEO assistant of Bitmain, delivered a speech titled “How A.I. and Blockchain change the world”. As she voiced,

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is driven by big data, and big data is powered by blockchain. AI is for the creation of smart robot, data of which could be recorded on blockchain.

Bitmain will be committed to provide more meaningful solutions and more valuable services for the industry by its advantages on resources and capability accumulated in the industry.”


As early bitcoin adopters and blockchain evangelists in China, Bitmain founder Jihan Wu and Bytom Founder Chang Jia are good friends, and co-founded 8BTC forum, China’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain community as well as a Chinese news site. Bitmain has also invested in 8BTC and Bytom. Much further cooperation made by them is to be seen…

Zeniex exchange, strategically invested by Qihoo 360 (a Chinese Internet security software provider), will soon be launched in South Korea. It is reported that they will be engaged in deep cooperation in terms of blockchain security, and creating a new solution for the safety and infrastructure of blockchain application.

Choi Kyung-joon, CEO of Zeniex, said,


“as an emerging platform with the joint efforts from China and South Korea, we hope to introduce some outstanding Chinese projects into South Korea. “Bytom is our priority once our platform is launched (in two or three weeks), and I’m here to show our strong support for the promotion of Bytom.”

Bytom is the underlying infrastructure of the Internet of asset, according to Bytom founder Duan Xinxing.

“As we build applications such as Kakaotalk, Naver on TCP/IP protocols, on the protocol layer of Bytom we can build wallet, decentralized trading system, oracle, and P2P clearing/settlement/payment systems, as well as all kinds of applications for distributed asset. It will be easier and more secure.”


He also showed his appreciate for Zeniex’s listing BTM. And more Korean exchanges would have BTM online in the future…



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    #바이텀 은 지난 2017년 6~7월 #가상화폐(#암호화폐,#ico)공개를 통해 총 5900 BTC를 펀딩받았다. 바이텀은 아직 국내 거래소에는 상장돼 있지 않으며, 조만간 지닉스를 통해 국내 최초로 상장될 예정이다. 서울에서 올린 밋업이 성공적으로 막을 내렸다. #비트코인 …

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