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Bytom Gave Birth to the First Blockchain-Based Membership Certificate in China

On May 31, members of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association received a unique “digital identity card” – a blockchain-based membership certificate. It is reported that this membership certificate adopts the technology of Bytom, an interactive protocol of multiple byte assets.

Information such as member’s name, appointment, certificate number and issuing organization are recorded on the certificate. The information is registered on the blockchain synchronously with a unique block ID and timestamp, respectively.


Above is the blockchain-based membership certificate

Blockchain-based membership certificate makes full use of the advances of blockchain technology, thus achieving the traceability, verifiability and non-tampering of the basic information of members. The timestamp on the blockchain permanently records information in the moment.

“As numerous cloud computing giant, there are many kinds of blockchain. Different blockchain has varied performance and cost. Compared with other blockchain, Bytom is a mature POW-based public chain. Through its tool Bystack, it can realize  key-up on-chain of information. The on-chain subject of Bystack needs to be supervised to ensure the legitimate compliance of the on-chain subject.”

Said by Wang lei, CEO of 8btc. After the information is put on Bytom, if someone wants inquiry results, he needs to put in ID of on-chain information through Blockmeta browser. 8btc transformed ID into QR code by technical means. Just sweeping the QR code on the certificate, users can easily get the information on the chain.

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As an open source public chain project, Bytom has been committed to creating diversified assets and a programmable economy. The Bytom is optimized in several aspects, such as consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, scalability, privacy security and cross-chain interaction  to pomote larger-scale application of blockchain.

Bytom has built a talented, ever expanding workfoce. Facing enterprises, institutions and industries, Bytom creates city cloud chain in Hangzhou, mainly for trusted identity authentication certificates.The birth of blockchain-based membership certificate will certainly be a big step of its growth.


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