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Bytom Completed Its First Information Blockchainization, 681 8BTC Columnists have been Recorded

On September 6, 2018, the information of 8BTC’s 625 columnists has been recorded on Bytom Blockchain for ever, which marks as the first successful case of information blockchainization of Bytom since its mainnet ‘Intelligent’ has been officially released on April 24th.

On September 10, the names of 56 contributors of the international version of 8BTC ( have also been recored on Bytom Blockchain. Since then, all the names of 681 columnists’ names and 8BTC’s acknowledgments are recorded on Bytom block height 87612 ( and 90237 (微信截图_20180910174623To all the 681 contributors, 8BTC do appreciate your contribution to the spread of blockchain technology and knowledge with your courage and insight as a forerunner. In the journey of writing, we seek consensus in the same space-time, as well as infinite thinking along the way. Words last for ever, especially in the blockchain world.

8BTC said that, the blockchainization of columnists’ information can be seen as a creative attempt of Bytom’s intellectual property asset blockchainization application scenario. It is also an overview of the 8BTC original composition ecosystem in the past five years.

In the future, 8BTC will continue to put more efforts in gathering boarder resources and dig deep in high-quality blockchain content production.

Asset blockchainization is a notion that could be discussed from various cognitive dimensions. Bytom focuses on the development of underlying technology of blockchain and aiming to connecting various asset classes to the blockchain, as well as enhancing the liquidity, security, and value of these assets. Bytom will provide more blockchain solutions for various application scenarios in the near future.

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