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Bytom Blockchain: A Big Stride of Combining AI and Blockchain

Lang Yu, CTO of Bytom Blockchain (hereinafter referred to as Bytom), with the core developers of Bytom, gives us a comprehensive interpretation of Bytom’s POW algorithm that are friendly to AI ASIC chips, and to uncover the mathematical realm hidden behind the blockchain world.


What is Bytom chain?

Bytom is a blockchain interactive protocol of multiple byteassets, via which different assets (warrants, securities, bonds, digital currency, etc) can be exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations.

To put it simple:

Bytom is the bridge that connects the atomic world and the crypto world, to promote the interaction and circulation of assets between the two worlds.

How to bridge these the atomic world and crypto world?

It is not easy for most atomic asset to get flow. For example, selling coupons to others is difficult as it is limited by the platform. What Bytom will do is to turn it into a byte asset and get it flow by registering the right to use the coupon on the chain.

Byte+Atom= Bytom

Our thinking is to combine Byte and Atom, and this is how the name of Bytom comes.

What’s the difference between BTM and BTC or ETH?

The transaction speed of bitcoin is quite slow, which cannot meet our need. In addition, BTC is defined as a digital currency, while BTM is liken to a kind of fuel whose function and efficiency is far better than BTC. To put it this way, BTC is a cash system, while BTM is an asset system.

Compared to ETH, it is not easy or professional for ETH facing world computers to realize financial asset and right controlling including KYC and AML, BTM just makes up for this shortcoming. And everyone who holds BTM can release his own protocol and decide how his asset be allocated and used.

Bytom is the first one to do POW algorithm that are friendly to AI ASIC chips which is completed with half year’s effort partnering with the Info Security Lab of Southwest Jiaotong university. As ridiculous rumors go that all the electricity in the future will be run out by BTC, BTM team then come up with the idea of combing blockchain with AI, to give it more value. The blockchain industry is large power-consuming and rapid iteration, so we are thinking about using the chips for more meaningful usage, not useless after outdated for mining, such as in-depth learning of face recognition. In this way, what the Bytom team is doing can boost the development of both blockchain and AI chips.

The advantage of AI ASIC chips

Bytom’s POW algorithm friendly to AI chips can make meaningless operations meaningful, as the POW mechanism is criticized as the machines could be applied to mining only, resulting in a great waste of hardware and energy. Acceleration equipment will stimulate the development of AI hardware acceleration chips and expand the demand for AI chips. On the other hand, idle consensus computing resources can be applied to the AI computing acceleration service, saving the running cost of the Bytom and thus realize a win-win situation.


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