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BTCC Launched its Influencer Program and Offer Daily Contract Up to 150x Leverage on 9th Anniversary

The world longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC hosted a 9th anniversary livestream on 23 June, 2020. The livestream has invited several blockchain institutions and media representatives, including partner of TokenInsight, Wayne, CMO of Alcoin, Regina, VP of 8BTCnews, Wang Xiaomeng, founder of PANews, Bi Tongtong, founder of bbNews, Xiao Gui and etc.


BTCC 9th Anniversary Livestream

BTCC Focusing on Perpetual Contract Since 2019

BTCC has been operating for more than 9 years, and the exchange used to have many businesses before, such as spot market and mining pool. However, in 2019, BTCC has eliminated its spot market, and focusing on perpetual contract instead.

Dan said: “BTCC launched its perpetual contract App on January 2019, and our app is now upgraded to 4.5 version. We launch the world first physical delivery perpetual contract on March 2019, which is earlier than BAKKT. We also launched USDT contract earlier than OKEX, which support two-way trading.”

When Dan was asked what is the market positioning for BTCC, he used the word “Leading” to describe BTCC.

He added: “Earlier in 2018, we closed the spot market, and focusing on perpetual contract, which is at least 2 years ahead of other cryptocurrency exchanges at that time. There are some exchanges that choose to do both and want to get the most profit out of them. However, we understand that energy is limited, and we are willing to forgo spot market, because we believe perpetual contract is the future trend and we are determined to focusing all our energy to make the best product in this area.”

150x Leverage Daily Contract

Chief Research Officer at BTCC, Dan shared the recent product update of BTCC including 150x leverage for daily BTC and ETH contract and the launch of new affiliate system on the anniversary livestream.

Wayne raised a question and point out that the average leverage for trader is around 18x to 30x, he asked what is the reason for BTCC launching 150x leverage.

Dan explained “There are two main reasons for us launching 150x leverage, the first is satisfying user’s need, and second is zero funding rate. Leverage is a financial tool that allow user to better allocate their asset rather than served as pure gambling. We as a cryptocurrency exchange not only allow user to benefit from the traditional financial experience. It is also our responsibility to offer a smart Stop Loss, and Take Profit management to ensure users have the safest protection against market uncertainty.

BTCC Influencer Program

Dan also introduced the newly launched influencer program, the program is aimed to recruit KOL, community builder, and blockchain enthusiast. According to Dan, the program has added some of the new features:

-A new affiliate system with a user-friendly interface, which allow user to perform all action including commission withdrawal and generate the referral link within one system. The system also support user to have access to the latest transaction data and commission detail and etc.

-For every referral, users can get at least 40% of referral rebate, and have access to the total amount of accumulated rebate and referee’s transactions data.

-For the top media, BTCC provide monetary, traffic, and even an IP incubation support. Those community builders, analysts and traders will get a tailor-made marketing support from the exchange, and share resource from BTCC ecosystem. They will be the first to try out BTCC latest product.

The new affiliate system aimed to make the referral process as transparent as possible, and allow the most digital savvy affiliates to manage their account more fruitfully.

The Remaining 2020 and Beyond

Dan concluded the livestream with the future plan of BTCC. He mentioned that although there has been an economic turmoil since the beginning of the year, but BTCC will continue to provide stable, secure and simple trading service to its users by optimizing its technology, user interface and continue satisfying user’s need.

Dan said “We hope that everyone who come to trade on BTCC platform will experience a safe and fair trading experience. Our original vision is to lead the cryptocurrency industry to become more structured, fair, and transparent.”

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