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Blockchain Meetup in Beijing: Smart Contract for Copyright Protection

On November 27th ,The third Blockchain Tea Salon proceeded smoothly in Beijing。There are 9 members came to the salon. They came from different industries including investment,Blockchain,new media,energy industry. We shared the Pu-er tea together and discussed about Blockchain and smart contract.

“Blockchain Tea Salon” is hosted by Blockchain club, which is a private Meetup for a small number of senior members. The salon is held once a month. The topic is around Blockchain development including investment, operation and application. The technique involves P2P networks, crypto, consensus algorithm, Client design, Node.js optimization and so on.

In the Tea Salon, everybody introduced themselves briefly according to the established procedure and shared their idea about Blockchain application in their industries. There were two famed senior manager of digital currency exchange shared their own opinion about the future of digital currency and came up with many pertinent suggestions which benefit us a lot.

Mr. Zhang is the CEO of a well-known domestic exchange. He is one of the earliest entrepreneurs in digital currency exchange industry. He is good at investment and has a unique version on Blockchain technology. he has invested on Blockchain industry and exchange both domestic and international. Firstly, he introduced briefly about his experience during start up. Then told us the current business of his company and his opinion about the future of smart contract。

Mr. Xu is another well-known Bitcoin Exchange’s investment director. He is also one of the earliest entrepreneurs in Blockchain industry. As he used to be a software architect, he was more objective to Blockchain technology and had a proper understanding of current situation. He had a deeper thinking about the future of Blockchain. Mr. Xu told us that keeping being a responsible exchange website means you had to suffer more stress and effort. He explained some Blockchain development confusion for us and said he appreciated Ebookchain and supported our development of technology-oriented strategy. At last,he gave us a lot of constructive advices and suggestions.

Mr. Chen is the found of PpkPub which is an open-mind group for geeks. He is a typical idealistic programmer which makes him outstanding from most digital currency player who always purchasing profit. The founder of Ebookchain Imfly is like-minded with him and appreciates him very much. Mr. Chen told us the reason he established the PpkPub and described the achievement he had gotten and what he was doing currently. Meanwhile, he shared us his own opinion about Blockchain and smart contract.
Mr. Yue came from the energy internet Innovation Institute of Tsinghua University. At first, He introduced about the basic situation of their Institute briefly. Then he described the achievement and researches the Tsinghua University has gotten in Blockchain industry. At last, he said he was desire for more Blockchain talents and techniques.

In this Phase,There were two beautiful girls joined us,one came from new media field,another is a digital currency investor. They are both very interesting in the Blockchain development. They actively joined our discussion, from which they also got many satisfied answers for their questions.

Finally, the founder of Ebookchain and Chainclub Imfly emphasized the importance of smart contract for copyright protection. He gave a detailed description associate with the White paper, Green paper and the activity of TPC ( Tokan pricing Campaign, ) to tell us the meaning of smart contract which drives the product and community of Ebookchain. His explanation let us have a deeper understanding of Ebookchain and how it works.

In order to make it more convenient for future communication between members,We have sorted out the contact list with detail information for everyone in this Salon. At last, thanks to Juanzi, The girl from Zhiyunxi Teahouse,her tea art service let us immersed in the fresh tea perfume in whole process and have a great afternoon.

At the end of this Salon, we took a group photo.


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