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Blockchain is Expected to be a Strong Supportor for Huawei’ Boundless Expansion

In 2018, the “ZTE Incident” and the subsequent China-US trade war, many enterprises were trapped in a dilemma. However, Huawei  catch up with opportunity and  thrive in the 5G field worldwide. Instead of yielding, it has built an ever-expanding business and signed more than 30 contracts for 5G commercial use. More than 40,000 5G base stations have been sent to many countries, which are popular among those countries.

Founded in 1987, Huawei started from selling HAX exchanges in Hong Kong to earn price disparity. After more than 30 years of development, it has become the leader of Chinese enterprises in the world, and has left a tremendous impact on China’s and even the world’s telecommunications manufacturing industry. From digital language and simple data transmission, to the ability to connect to network data services, the Internet of Things, which enables machines to connect to machines, and the infrastructure of the popular 5G network. And Huawei mobile phone has become the world’s No.1 supplier of communication equipment and the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, with revenue exceeding the sum of BAT.

According to Huawei’s principle: “Customer-centered, continuous innovation based on customer needs , building a win-win ecosystem”, Huawei’s business now covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than one third of the world’s population, and constantly bringing the digital world into everyone’ life, , building an interconnected, intelligent world of all things, It has realized its own “boundless expansion” and gained huge profits from it.

Huawei’s rise seems to be a perfect proof of global technology framework and a guide to its “boundless expansion”.Huawei’s smart terminal business, represented by mobile phones, has led the world with the support of chips. Huawei’s cloud services are making efforts to build a sort of AI solutions. From chip to application, from consumer-oriented (HiAI) to enterprise-oriented, from technology to commerce and ecology, Huawei also has a significant first-mover advantage in many scenarios


Will the blockchain be the next realm in Huawei’s “boundless expansion” strategy?

The value of a technology depends not only on its application value, , but also on  logically reconstruction for industry chain, and bring about the redistribution of the value of the industry chain. Blockchain technology consists with these two characteristics to a certain extent, and is changing the mode of related industries through the combination and construction of blockchain technology in the past, which is very important for Huawei’s “boundless expansion”.

In March 2018, Huawei released the cloud blockchain service platform, followed by the release of the “Huawei blockchain white paper“.  As early as 2016, Huawei participated in the Hyperledger project of Linux Foundation (the most influential open source project in the field of blockchain technology), and continued to make technical and code contributions in two of the hottest sub-projects, Fabric and STL.

According to Huawei’s style, it will undoubtedly understand the blockchain more from a technical view. According to the plan of Huawei Blockchain White Paper, the idea of its block chain mainly concentrates on three aspects: data, IoT and finance. By combining the scenarios of data transaction, identity authentication, real estate/academic certification, telemedicine, food traceability, vehicle networking, IoT equipment management, precise poverty alleviation and supply chain finance, the three scenarios of “cloud service+network+chip/terminal” are created.

The integrated blockchain framework provides a faster and safer end-to-end solution to block chain by combining software with hardware. And it aims to build a end-to-end social credit system. This is of great significance for the efficient integration of Huawei’s “boundless expansion”.


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    Blockchain is Expected to be a Srong Supportor for Huawei’ Boundless Expansion …

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