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Blockchain Insight 2019: Top 81 Crypto Projects Disrupting the Blockchain Ecosystem

Chinese oldest bitcoin social media site 8BTC has released 7 top lists related to the crypto space at the Blockchain Insight 2019 conference on Jan 4 (GMT+8), the day the genesis block of bitcoin was mined ten years ago.

The continuous blockchain fever has bred a large number of highly creative entrepreneurs and projects. They are becoming the future power and frontier walkers, pathfinders and disruptors of the time. To this end, 8BTC, along with TokenInsight, a China-based crypto ratings agency, creates 7 top lists covering crypto exchanges, wallets, investors and more, in an effort to discover high-quality projects and prove their value with precise data, furthermore to instill spiritual strength to the industry amid the crypto winter.

The ratings team is claimed to have gone through more than 2,000 whitepapers, by adopting project classification system methodology and Ti-Dashboard monitoring system. 81 projects stood out among 2000+ candidates from all over the world, from decentralized platforms to insightful investors.


  • Most valuable decentralized platforms: Ethereum, EOS, NEO, TRON, Qtum, Nebulas, Tezos, ICON, Lisk, Cardano, Aelf, Quarkchain
  • Most valuable exchanges: Coinbase, Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Kraken, KuCoin, Liquid, Bibox
  • Most valuable mining pools: Antpool, F2pool,, ViaBTC, BTC.TOP, Slush Pool, Poolin, Ethermine, Dwarf Pool, Huobi Pool
  • Most valuable wallets: Cobo Wallet, Qbao Network, BitKeep, Kcash Wallet, Math Wallet, Freewallet, HB Wallet, BlueWallet, MEET.ONE, Nano S, KeepKey, imToken, Bitpie, Model T, Secrypto, ONE
  • Most promising teams: Bitcoin, Ethereum, CyberMiles, Augur, ReddCoin, Ontology, Aion, KuCoin Shares
  • Best-performed blockchain apps: VeChain, Factom, SingularityNET, Golem, Cortex, Wanchain, Bytom, Populous, Stratis, Cindicator, Basic Attention Token, Theta, Status, CyberMiles, Syscoin
  • Most insightful value finders: Pantera Capital, Node Capital, FBG Capital, Fenbushi Capital, 8Decimal Capital, Danhua Capital, Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund, Draper Dragon, NEO Global Capital

At the event, a lineup of heavyweight speakers and crypto entrepreneurs have presented, including 8btc and Bytom founder Chang Jia, Bytom founder Duan Xinxing, Huobi founder Li Lin, imToken founder He Bin, Hyperchain CEO Li Wei, Ontology founder Li Jun, and more KOLs.

The year 2018 and the dawn of 2019 have seen cryptocurrency in the throes of winter, bringing down numerous projects, businesses and investors, but it is also separating the professionals from the amateurs. Though it hurts now, insiders all believe crypto winter will help the industry be healthier and stronger in the long run.

As Jiang Chun, a presented speaker from Puhua Capital, commented, “Investors aren’t giving up on crypto, but the industry needs to prove itself”.

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