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Blockchain Insight 2019: China’s Jan 4 Crypto Gathering in Hangzhou

The continuous blockchain fever has bred a large number of highly creative entrepreneurs and projects. They are becoming the future power and frontier walkers, pathfinders and disruptors of the times. To this end, 8BTC, along with TokenInsight, creates the Blockchain Insight 2019, in an effort to discover high-quality projects and prove their value with precise data, furthermore to instill spiritual strength to the blockchain industry.


The event will launch 7 awards, including

  • Most Valuable Common Platforms
  • Most Valuable Exchanges
  • Most Valuable Wallets
  • Most Valuable Mining Pools
  • Most Promising Teams
  • Discerning Investors
  • Best-performed blockchain apps

To make the awards open and transparent, 8BTC and TokenInsight will also jointly publish The Whitepaper of Blockchain Insight 2019. The whitepaper takes on multiple dimensions with a strict data-filtering model, explains the meaning behind the data in detail, and proves the value with data, in this sense, to build consensus on the value standard of the blockchain industry.

It’s bitcoin’s tenth year anniversary, a decade full of ups and downs. At the event, 8BTC will also make the debut of the new book “10-Year History of Blockchain”, on which 8BTC have initiated and gathered 12 industry leaders from blockchain sector to write, tracing the 10-year development of blockchain from various perspectives and presenting a holistic view of China’s blockchain industry.

Join us Jan 4th, 2019 for the blockchain gathering – Blockchain Insight in Hangzhou, China. We’ve invited blockchain influencers with us – 8btc and Bytom founder Chang Jia, Bytom founder Duan Xinxing, Bitmain founder Wu Jihan, Huobi founder Li Lin, imToken founder He Bin, Hyperchain CEO Li Wei, Ont founder Li Jun, and more heavyweight KOL.

This blockchain event is organized by China’s largest and oldest bitcoin social media site 8BTC, together with TokenInsight. If you believe your blockchain project is qualified for our nomination, please contact

For more details please go to

Welcome to join us in the blockchain gathering and sit down with these crypto influencers. Book now and have the Christmas discount at CNY1,088 ($158) per ticket.

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