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Blockchain Gains Mainstream Exposure in Popular Chinese Variety Show

Blockchain has been attracting global attention in these years. However, the abstract concept seems to fail to introduce and demonstrate its applicability to real-world use. Even the technically savvy may have a tough time understanding what blockchain is.

Regarding this, many tech-savvy individuals, enterprises and organizations stand out to educate average people about blockchain. In the latest episode of a Chinese TV variety show program, blockchain was introduced as a solution to the supply chain traceability.


Sponsored by Alibaba, the variety show features introducing abstruse and seemingly out-of-reach technologies to the mass in an easy and accessible approach. At the same time, it could help tech enterprises that do the behind-the-scenes R&D work be more visible. The variety show, broadcasted in Zhejiang TV, has been getting top ratings in viewership since its air.

The latest episode was about blockchain traceability solution that certifies product authenticity powered by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant who has long been plagued by counterfeit goods sold by some vendors on the platform.

A beekeeper surnamed Lan in Sichuan of Southwest China behind the screen told his honey used to be deemed by some customers as fake honey for it has a bitter taste which is resulted by the fact that his bees might collect nectar from flowers of some medicine plant.


Using blockchain technology, Alibaba helps suppliers like Lan out of the awkward situation – products will be tagged with QR codes and inserted with a GPS chip, in an attempt to enable customers to trace the products’ traveling route from supply chain to their hand.

When it comes to the underpinning blockchain technology, Alibaba’s blockchain solution director Liang Zhihua on the scene provides an easy-to-understand analogy. When a camera takes a picture, the film is shot frame by frame, it’s like blocks in a blockchain as the photographic films are arranged in chronological order which thus comes into a chained data structure. Say, everyone here has a copy of the film, it’s just like the distributed data storage; if we want to take the next shot, it needs everyone’s vote for it (consensus algorithm), only when a majority of people agree will the shot be added onto the chain.


Since October 2017, Alibaba has launched a series of blockchain solutions ranging from traceability, anti-counterfeiting, supply chain finance, copyright certification, and charity. It can be seen that blockchain technology is making life better and changing our society in ways that are more visible.

An invited guest in the program said,

“It is for the first time that I truly understand what blockchain is, and I’m sure the TV audience also know it better now. Apart from guaranteeing the security of data, commodities and information, blockchain also have great impact on other aspects, which will not only bring about information revolution, but may even surpass it.”

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