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Blockchain Fever Getting Hotter in China: A Domain Name Worth Millions of Yuan Now!

Blockchain is one of the most concerned technology currently. People have high expectations on the application prospect of blockchain, and therefore blockchain-related domain names are also getting popular and traded frequently in the domain name market.

Dai Yue, the famous Chinese domain name investor, shortly after won the premium domain name, he got another blockchain domain name in the last few days. According to the domain name trading website, Dai Yue spent millions of yuan to get this premium domain name戴跃

Domain name can be recognized as a single Chinese pinyin domain name, with the common meaning of ‘chain, connection, practicing, refining and face’. It can also be regarded as double pinyin domain name means a company name, register or offshoring in Chinese.

It follows that this domain name can be used in various of areas. It can be used by blockchain websites, internet finance websites, as well as social networking sites and so on. Which shows domain name is highly valued in application.

Dai Yue is not the only guy wants to make a profit from this area. It was reported that, the famous investor Zhan Baosheng sold domain name for over 3.5 million yuan in August 2016; The domain name has also been sold in the past few days with a price over hundreds of thousands yuan. Therefore, it is unsurprisingly that domain name has been valued so high.

A number of blockchain domain names has been traded in high prices since 2018, they are favored by both investors and blockchain terminal.

January 11, Taiwan Terminal spent 2.1 million yuan to get the domain name, after that, the terminal immediately used the domain name to build a global cryptocurrency trading platform.

January 23, Mike Mann sold the domain name for 1.25 million yuan, and the buyer is a blockchain digital asset trading platform called Binance.

Blockchain is on the front line these days, many well-known terminals have increased their investments on this area, they are trying to develop and adopt this new technology. Various types of blockchain enterprises have set up their internet websites. The blockchain fever driven the prices of blockchain-related domain name surge in the market.


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