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Blockchain-based Springemail – convert every email into cryptocurrency wallet

Springemail is the first community project initiated by Qtum. You may find more about Qtum project here. Qtum Blockchain Ported POS 3.0 to Bitcoin Core 0.13
By integrating the Blockchain protocol with the existing Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP) , Springemail’s goal is to greatly enhance the usuability of cryptocurrency and to expand the user base. It’s also Qtum’s vision to materialize a value transfer protocol through a friction-less payment experience via internet.

In previous report, we have introduced a simple interpretation of the design concept of Qtum. In the white paper, Qtum proposed the concept of value transfer protocol (VTP), through which the smart contract is embedded into the protocol Layer, combining with current standard of World Wide Web, to implement a blockchain payment protocol that is incorporating an existing TCP / IP protocol stack. Such VTP will bring more intelligence and more commercial opportunities.
The status quo is that many users of digital money said that a full node wallet is very difficult for ordinary people to use. On the one hand, the wallet design is still stuck in the Windows95 style, on the other hand, the technical features of cryptocurrency blocks a lot of potential users. However, all netizens can email, so Qtum hope to integrate the most popular internet products with cryptocurrency, which is the original intention of d Springemail.

The BiSMTP protocol (Blockchain integrated Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a simple mail transfer protocol based on the blockchain technology and proposed by Qtum team. Through this protocol, users can use the email to send and receive small amounts of cryptocurrency. The protocol will expand the existing SMTP protocol stack through a markup language to send and receive cryptocurrency. Also the features of mail server will be expanded to enable the sever to process such markup language. Thus sending and receiving small amounts of cryptocurrency via email could be implemented all across the internet.

Shuai Cu, explained some technical details:

Springemail is an extensible technology architecture. In Springemail, we set a special role: the Mail Sever Broker. Qtum team will guide through the design of the Broker functionality and provides a standard code base for Broker. Each Broker could become an independent mail service provider, offering sending and receiving cryptocurrency to their users. Qtum team will only define the minimum feature set of the Broker, such as support for markup languages, compliance with certain security standards, etc. However, each Broker can develop features based on their own needs and get more of their own users via customization. But for the whole ecosystem, all brokers can communicate directly, and Broker’s BiSMTP protocol will support sending e-mail to the existing QQmail, Gmail, 163mail and other mail service providers.
The entire Broker design should contain the following details:

1.1 Redefine the mailbox

Where the Qtum address can be replaced with a cell phone number, personal name or other markup characters.
The different addresses above are actually the same recipient, where @, @ @ is called access terminals. By running a Broker client, Broker links its users with blockchain network. As it is a distributed network, user get the same result no matter he access from which terminals.

1.2 BiSMTP Access Module (Broker)
Through the complete BiSMTP protocol, each mail server can be connected to the blockchain network. The module is designed to allow the traditional mail client to seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrency through blockchain network.

1.3 Broker Operation Mode
Select the Broker according to the actual use case:
• standalone operation as node proxy
• Embedded in a wallet client
• Runs as a mail sever
• Can serve multiple clients
At present, we choose to run as mail sever.

1.4 Broker’s customized service and configuration
Any operator may define his own Broker service content to attract more users. One may develop unique features upon the minimum feature set of Broke, such as the enterprise e-mail services or new business models. Customized services offered by different will help to build a more personalized and distributed mailbox service model. To encourage participation in being a Broker, the Qtum team will consider incentive mechanism for Broker. In addition, different security standards will be applied for Brokers.

To address the usability and user base issue of cryptocurrency, Qtum team will release the second community project: Weixia.

Developers and users who are interested in the Springemail project may send inquiry to for more information. Qtum Foundation will also offer incentives to encourage participation.

Chinese report here.


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