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Blockchain and the son of China’s richest man

Hu Mao E-sports, a brand invested by Wang sicong, a businessman who is better known for his identity as the son of China’s richest man, Wang jianlin, has announced it has reached agreement with Wide Tech, a Blockchain solution provider based in China. The two companies will step up collaboration involving eSports and Blockchain, building a brand-new ecosystem for e-sports industry.


Hu Mao E-sport, with more than 8 million members, will have more than 2,000 cyber café in China in 2017. With such a big user and data base as the foundation, Hu Mao seems to have found the huge potential if it can initiate a Blockchain-related projects to capitalize its huge market share in its cyber café, which is the most popular place for Chinese young people to entertain. When interviewed by 8btc, Chen Gang, the founder and CEO of Wide Tech, said:

“We are trying to make Blockchain technology closer to customers. It is Wide Tech’s most important strategy in 2017 to cultivate customers that are aware of the basics of Blockchain technology.”

China has a huge e-sport market worth hundreds of billion with the young generation as the major forces of consumption. The innovation and cross-sector collaboration in the industry has become the trend. With Hu Mao’s huge user base, extensively-built cafes, Wide Tech’s Blockchain solution will bring huge opportunities to both companies. We will help to build a Blockchain-connected world.”

Chen Jijie, the general manager of Hu Mao has said:

“Hu mao, as an innovative front-runner of cyber café, will actively embrace Blockchain technology. The combination of technology and e-sports will add more value to the current business model, operation pattern and profits channel of e-sports industry. Blockchain technology will benefit all players by enhancing usering experience and thus making the e-sports industry more influential and attractive. By making our database available to Wide Tech, the cooperation will be mutually-beneficial.”


e-sports in cyber cafe, the most popular entertainment for Chinese young people

PKchain based on Ethereum

Wide Tech has said to 8btc that their plan is to build an e-sport PKchain to provide a decentralized e-sport platform match and trade, making players on the same starting line. The decentralized platform will make game data, match, and trade fair and transparent, contributing to the healthy development of e-sport industry.

Wide Tech will hold the official release conference of their cooperation with Hu mao at the end of March. The whitepaper of PKchain and the cooperation detail will be disclosed too.


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