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Block Monsters Review: Bringing the Pokemon Experience into Blockchain

Block Monsters is a blockchain-based Adventure/RPG gaming platform to bring the Pokemon experience into the blockchain world. The platform entails acquiring and training NFT-based animals known as “Blockmons,” which are used to battle and trade with people worldwide. It is innovating in bringing nostalgic feelings into the crypto gaming space.To begin the game and their trip, players must have at least one Blockmon. Choosing one Starter Blockmon is the simplest and cheapest way to receive a Blockmon. The Starterpack, available on the App Dashboard, can be used to obtain the Blockmon.

The platform was listed on top-tier crypto rating websites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko within 24 hours of its introduction. On Telegram, the game added 29,000 new users, bringing the total number of $MNSTRS holders to over 19,000. Meanwhile, the team is getting closer to launching its NFT Trainer drop whereby the allocation will be random. You can sign up for the waitlist here. This article shall review Block Monsters, features, pros, and cons, among others.

Features of Block Monsters


Trainers will play and earn by reaching different milestones in the game. All players will receive their rewards in $MNSTRS through the Block Monsters dashboard.

Token Rewards

Smart fights equal hefty token rewards in Block Monsters. You will be able to fight AI-generated Blockmons and earn tokens in the MVP Release. You will also catch them if you have the required item. The multiplayer mode in Release 2 will allow you to challenge your friends and other community members directly.


Direct token staking is available on Block Monsters. You can earn up to 15% APY by staking $MNSTRS tokens here. The tokens have a minimum lock time of 7 days.

Furthermore, you can use special Blockmon NFTs to stake tokens and evolve them in the boot camp. When you stake your NFTs, you will receive XP as well as the $MNSTRS token. There will also be incentives dependent on a Blockmon’s rarity and combat power.

Buying a Blockmon NFT Starterpack with $MNSTRS

Gaming enthusiasts must first obtain $MNSTRS to begin their Blockmonsters quest. Participants can use the utility tokens to acquire NFT-based monsters (Blockmons) and fight or trade with their peers on the network.

The finished Blockmonster Presale, which had a 1000 BNB hard cap, provided early-bird investors with their $MNSTRS. New users must purchase a bag of $MNSTRS to engage in the metaverse.

To purchase tokens, go to the swap address on Pancake Swap first. Wait for the “Import Token” popup to appear on the website, click “I understand” to continue. The popup will ask you to connect your wallet to acquire the desired number of $MNSTRS (6 percent Slippage).

Users can start their Block Monsters experience by unlocking a Blockmon NFT Starterpack on the updated Dashboard. Each pack contains one randomly assigned starter Blockmon and a tiny quantity of $MNSTRS to ensure that all participants have the most significant possible start to their voyage.

When you’re on the Dashboard, click “purchase Starterpack” and finish the transaction to get your very first Blockmon. The Blockmon serves as your entry point into the metaverse.

Each player’s ultimate goal is to become the best Block Monsters Champion by possessing at least 150 NFT creatures. Gamers can exchange their NFTs for $MNSTRS on a decentralized marketplace to get additional gleaming Blockmons.

Blockmon Booster Packs

Booster Packs, periodically released by Block Monsters, unlock new Blockmons. Block Monsters champions can use the packs to obtain NFTs with better rarity, level, and evolution.

The owners of the super limited Blockmons can exchange the Blockmons for more exclusive NFTs and $MNSTRS on the marketplace and gradually build their reputation among their peers. The most competitive players will have the opportunity to unlock booster packs, obtain new NFTs, and upgrade their Blockmons to the next Evolution level.

Block Monster champions can also earn critical milestones by catching unique creatures or defeating Trainers or Gym leaders in Blockchain Fights.

Advantages of Block Monsters

  • Community-driven adventure game: The project’s backers are dedicated to creating a thriving community that will catapult the metaverse to new heights. The organization has also implemented a sophisticated approach to involve the community through frequent meme contests and airdrops.
  • Comprehensive marketing plan: Ensures Block Monsters takes its place as a leader in a blockchain-based gaming
  • P2E Game: Players can earn money by playing and battling their Blockmon NFTs.
  • Peer to peer marketplace: BlockMonsters offers a digital marketplace for trading NFTs and other rare digital collectibles located within the Blockmonster Universe.

Roadmap Review

Blockmonsters is currently in stage 3 of their current roadmap. It has already completed the app dashboard launch, the marketplace partnership, and the booster pack launch. As part of stage 3, we also expect token staking, marketplace launch, play-2-earn fight engine, and NFT staking mechanism. There will also be a trainer skin shop and 1v1 multiplayer in P2E.

Stage four will then come later with map integration, integration of story mode, and announcement NFT. In addition, there will be the gym trainer, game theme song, and stuffed blockmon shop. There will also be mobile apps for Android and iOS. The last thing will be multiplayer map mode.

Final Conclusion

Block Monster is a free-to-play adventure game heavily influenced by the community. Users can relive their childhood experiences thanks to the fascinating gaming metaverse. The P2E game is Bock Monsters’ primary product and utility. Players may make money by playing and battling with their Blockmon NFTs, making it appealing to them. The game will receive regular upgrades and improvements to improve everyone’s gaming experience, demonstrating the team’s dedication. You can read more about the game on their social media:





Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a source of investment, financial, technical, tax, or legal advice. All of this content is for informational purposes only. Readers should do their own research. The Capital is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by reliance on any information mentioned in this article.

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