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Bitmain’s Mining Pools Contribute over 35% of Bitcoin Hashrate, Regains Its No.1 Position

China is a superpower in bitcoin mining, generates the world’s top three largest crypto miner manufacturers: the Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang. Among those three, Bitmain is in the dominate status not only because of its popular Antminer, its two powerful mining pools, the and Antpool also contribute a lot.

According to the data on, the two mining pools owned by Bitmain – and Antpool, are currently contributing over 35% of the total hashrate of the bitcoin network, respectively account for 21.64% and 14.18% in the 24-hour hashrate distribution.

In the 3-days hashrate distribution, the and AntPool contribute 21.6% and 16.5%, once surpass 37% of the total bitcoin network hashrate.

The statistics of the whole week also shows the two mining pools account for 20.8% and 15.6% of the computing power, which also stay above 35%.

The computing power of the mining pools has constantly remained above 20% for the past week, and firmly lays on the top of the mining pool world.

It was previously reported in this June that the two mining pools accounted for 41% of the total Bitcoin network computing power. However, the data has started to decline since August. On September 6th, the hashpower of Bitmain’s two mining pools once dropped below 30% in the 24-hours distribution and the mining pool’s computing power also lost its No.1 position at that time.


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