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Bitmain’s Brand New Z9 Equihash ASIC Miner is Coming Soon

The new Antminer Z9 released by Bitmain gains further concern from crypto mining communities. It supersedes the ‘Antminer Z9 mini’ and has been marketed as Bitmain’s most powerful and efficient ASIC miner to date. Which also shows the mining giant is enhance its control over PoW mining.

According to Bitmain, the new Z9 miner can mine at a rate of 40.8k Sol per second and while only consuming 1150W of power. It is as powerful as the total hashrate over 65 Nvidia GTX 1080ti combined.

Pre-orders for the Antminer Z9 is now available and the estimated shipping date will be around early September this year.

Surprisingly, purchasing an Antminer Z9 is relatively cheap at $3,319, and it will definitely be a efficient mining unit for miners mining Equihash currencies.maxresdefault

However, Bitmain faces criticize from the the mining communities due to the probability of launching a 51% attack later on, which may happen just before switching its underlying algorithm. For example, both of Bitcoin Gold and Siacoin become victims after the mining rigs were developed by Bitmain to over come the ASIC resistance.

Majority of the Zcash miners express fear and anger toward the Z9 miner, as they are worried about whether the new mining rig will uproot the current GPU mining community and take away the block rewards from them.

Moreover, once Bitmain controls over 51% of the Zcash network, they may be able to manipulate the token value by blocking or allowing certain selected transactions which makes Zcash to be less attractive to investors.

It also poses a large threat to other Equihash altcoins. Any currency that isn’t ASIC-resistant may have problems with 51% attacks one day.

In order to avoid this threat, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and other consensus mechanisms becomes more popular among the newly created cryptocurrencies as an substitution of the PoW protocols while those still using PoW may also use hard forks to alter their protocol.


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