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Bitmain Woo Talent from Taiwan, Chip Designer of MTK Are Targeted

Cryptocurrency boom leads to the rise of mining rigs. China is a big power in mining rig production, with Bitmain (Antminer), Canaan (Avalon) and Ebang (Ebit) -world’s top three mining rig manufacturers all based in China, taking up 90% of the market share. It is reported that the big three are gonna set their foot on Taiwan, offering quite competitive salary to poach talent from world leading IC designers MTK and Mstar.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) previously disclosed that it has a quarterly revenue around $340 million from the cryptocurrency business. Foreign analysts speculated that High Speed Computing (HPC) revenues will grow from 20 per cent to 25 per cent, supported by a massive order from Bitmain.

MTK has adjusted its strategy, seeing its business in cellphone chips reduce below 40% of its total share, and move more focus on ASIC.

According to a report from Economic Daily, it is rumored among IC designers that Bitmain’s gonna set foot on Taiwan, and woo professionals and elites in the field of ASIC chips and AI from top IC designers like MTK, Mstar and Weltronics.

Bitmain, founded in October 2013, released its first 55nm chip – BM1380 in the following November, and then Antminer S1 moved into massive production with it. In the following years, Bitmain makes relentless effort to launch new IC products and mining rigs. As bitcoin price soars, its sales peaked at 14.3 billion yuan ($ 2.3 billion) in 2017, close to Huawei Hisilicon, making it the second largest IC designer in mainland China.

While in recent months, many countries have showed their attitude towards bitcoin and issued strict regulations on it. Bitcoin price therefore plummet from a ATH $20,000 down below $10,000 dramatically in a month, even Warren Buffett made assertion, “Cryptocurrencies will come to a bad ending”.

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