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Bitmain Launches Terminal ASIC Chip BM1880

The world’s largest manufacture of bitcoin mining hardware, Bitmain, unveils a new  ASIC chip known as BM1880 on Wednesday, according to its announcement released on Wechat.


BM1880 ASIC chip is designed for deep learning inference acceleration focusing on edge application. It can provide 1TFLOPs peak performance for 8-bit integer operation. With Winograd convolution accelerator (SpWA), it can offer as high as 2 TFLOPs peak performance for 8-bit integer operation. The specially designed TPU scheduling engine effectively streams high bandwidth data .

The chip enables highly flexible programming for data reuse and performance optimization with its 2MB RAM. Meanwhile, BM1880 provides users with powerful deep learning model compiler and Software Development Kit(SDK), and supports popular deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow .

The BM1880 chip can be used as a coprocessor for deep learning inference acceleration, as well  as a host processor to receive video streams, pictures or other data from an Ethernet or a USB. It will perform inference and other tasks of computer vision.

The core advantages of this new product include costing ultra low power, delivering high performance and small package, being powered by Tensor computing accelerator.

Tang Weiwei, Bitmain’s product strategy director said Bitmain iterates the AISC chips every 9 months, and its chip-powered products perform well in daily operation. Due to the increasing demand for AI solutions based on end-to-end cloud computing, Bitmain decides to launch  AI chips and solutions on the terminal.

Along with BM1880 chip, Bitmain also launches some other new products on the same day, including BM1682 chip-based Sophon artificial intelligence server SA3, the embedded AI mini box SE3, 3D face recognition intelligent terminal , among others.

As the cryptocurrency market is in a bullish trend and the profits gained from mining is decreasing, Bitmain gradually transfers its cor business to AI solutions in a bid to solid its market position.


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