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Bitmain Jihan Wu: There May be Further Split Within Bitcoin ABC and SV Communities

Of late, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork become the hottest topic in the crypto community over the past weeks. Although the controversial chain split has been activated on November 15th. Insiders are still eyeing the ongoing battle between the Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

Jihan Wu, co-founder of the world’s largest bitcoin mining manufacture Bitmain, has also drawn a lot of attention as he is a strong backer of Bitcoin ABC.

Recently, Wu delivers a speech in a blockchain training curriculum and commented that the BCH community has been completely divided into two parties and he doesn’t exclude the possibility of the further internal split within the Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV communities.

As some main communication platforms have been set up, BCH communities have the freedom of speech.

“Under this free environment, the split is inevitable. There is no contradiction between the development of smart contract and the previous position of BCH. The further development will not change its previous contract, as thus, there is no need to inhibit BCH’s development in this aspect,” said Wu.

“some people said ‘BCH should not be developed in this way’. However, from the perspective of an industrialist, smart contract is a kind of technology that will be widely adopted in the future, so why can’t we let BCH develop in this way?”

Wu also concluded that BCH hard fork is completely understandable. It can be seen as the human nature of contributing to the community and the different perspectives cause the split. However, the split itself will bring the richness to the whole ecosystem. So he considered that the split is not a horrible thing.

In addition, some people may think BCH is controlled by Jihan Wu or Bitmain. To this, Wu said it is the human imagination of authority. As a historical community, there are many opinion leaders with much difference between them, so there is no absolute authority to control the direction of the BCH’s route map.

When asked about whether BCH will finally be developed into a public chain platform that runs DApp, Wu said it depends on whether the whole BCH community will accept this. However, as an entrepreneur, Wu is willing to see the wide application of this technology.

“As long as the underlying protocol won’t be destroyed or changed a lot, developing a public chain platform should be a better choice,” said Wu.


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    4 years ago Medici Crypto

    Jihan Wu: “Smart contract is a kind of technology that will be widely adopted in the future, so why can’t we let BCH develop in this way?” …

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